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Innovations in Account-Based Marketing in Tailored Solutions for Targeted Engagement: Marketing Head, ESDS shares Insights

New Delhi: In the ever-changing world of B2B marketing, experts maneuver through the complex routes of the customer experience, utilizing techniques like content marketing and field marketing to interact with their desired demographics. Field marketing, particularly centered on event marketing and emerges as a crucial method for building significant relationships and enhancing brand recognition.

In this domain, effective campaigns act as symbols of creativity, employing personalized methods such as account-based marketing to engage and persuade potential clients. These diverse strategies highlight the continuously changing landscape of B2B marketing, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and imagination in meeting business goals. In this regard Priyanka Chakraborty, ObserveNow interacted with Sandipan Bhattacharjee, Head of Marketing, ESDS Software Solution Limited.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

As a B2B marketer today, what are your primary areas of focus – is it your consumer journey, content marketing, or field marketing practices?

Consumer Journeys, Content Marketing, and Field Marketing are critical and connected in this hyper-connected world. We have taken an Integrated Approach to understanding consumers’ pain areas to translate into potential solutions and reach the target audience with a customized approach through content management, digital, and field marketing activities and

maximize engagement and conversion.


In a tech world today- redefine the purpose of Field marketing specifically event marketing for us? How are you leveraging it to its true potential?

Field marketing aims to build Sustainable Relationships, Focus Communities, and generate Thought Leadership rather than only leads.

We are leveraging it in the EE Model (Event Excellence).

  • Experiences over Pitches: Events crafted around Customer Success Stories, Demos, Expert Advice 
  • Hyper-Personalized Experience: Customized Events to understand each customer’s pain points and probable best-fit solutions with complete end-to-end experience and create a long-term relationship.

·       Community Development: Turning events into online communities fosters continuous engagement among the participants.

How do you define a successful marketing campaign? How does it contribute to lead generation and customer acquisition now?

A successful marketing campaign is entirely business-objectives-aligned and ROI-based – be it Brand Awareness, Lead, or Revenue Maximization and continuously optimized.  

It attracts target Audiences, Captures & tracks leads, builds a dynamic relationship through content/event management, qualifies/nurtures the leads (BANT process), drives conversions, and ultimately fuels customer acquisition.

B2B Marketers always looking for Innovative approaches for account based marketing, What do you think could be good new initiatives or activities to engage new Customers apart from existing activities?
Some new initiatives that can be adopted:

  • Hyper-Personalized Approach – Tailored content, e.g. Use-cases, Whitepapers, Industry reports, etc., to address specific accounts’ pain points with a personalized solution. We offer tailor-made industry reports and trends for a particular customer or segment.
  • Account specific Pocket Events to cater to specific target audience 
  • Mapping Buyer Persona for ABM and specific campaigns across all media/Touchpoints targeting the specific accounts

How deep are B2B Marketers in India into Gen AI? Can you share a snippet from your journey and a general observation prediction in your opinion on the same? 

Indian B2B Marketers are in the experimentation or early adoption stage with GenA1; it is mostly used in content creation (Text /Image/ Video/Presentation, etc.), Analytics, and various conversational Chatbots.

In my journey, I have seen a sustainable increase in requests for personalized content and data analysis by about 15-20%. I expect a surge over more adoption of GenAI in B2B Marketing by at least 40-50% in the coming 2-3 years to garner more hyper personalization activities and increased efficiency & ROI.

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