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Government of India Empanels Ten IAS Officers to Secretary Level Position

New Delhi: In a significant move aimed at bolstering administrative leadership, the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has empanelled ten distinguished IAS officers to serve at the Secretary level within the Government of India.

Among the notable appointments, Dheeraj Kumar IAS (Tamil Nadu 1993) has been selected to assume the role of Secretary, Government of India, showcasing his exceptional track record and leadership prowess.

Joining him are eminent officers including Amit Agrawal IAS (Chattisgarh 1993), Sunil Paliwal IAS (Tamil Nadu 1993), Nagaraju Maddirala IAS (Tripura 1993), Punya Salila Srivastava IAS (Uttarakhand 1993), Tanmay Kumar IAS (Rajasthan 1993), Nikunja Bihari Dhal IAS (Odisha 1993), Ashok Kumar Kaluaram Meena IAS (Odisha 1993), Amardeep Singh Bhatia IAS (Nagaland 1993), and Deepti Gaur Mukerjee IAS (Madhya Pradesh 1993).

These appointments signify a blend of experience, expertise, and dedication to public service, as each officer brings their unique skill set and perspective to their new roles within the government hierarchy.

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