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Ghanshyam Chawla awarded “Remarkable influencer in Digital Finance of the Year 2024” at LEO1 Education Excellence Awards 2024

Mumbai: The LEO1 Education Excellence Awards 2024, hosted by ObserveNow Media, took place on February 9th, 2024, at Taj Palace in Mumbai. This conclave was designed to recognize exceptional educational institutions and leaders for their contributions to the field of education.

The awards ceremony recognized leaders and institutions across more than 50 categories, encompassing various aspects of higher education, school education, and preschool education, thereby showcasing the diverse dimensions of educational merit.

Ghanshyam Chawla, Founder, Prodigy Finance secured the award for the category “Remarkable influencer in Digital Finance of the Year 2024.”

The awards were handed out by Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Indian Cricket team, alongside LEO1’s Founders, Rohit Gajbhiye and Debi Prasad Baral. 

Among the distinguished guests were Ashutosh Shirbhate, the Chief Technology Officer of NSDL Payments Bank; Hriday Baranawal, Vice President of Prepaid Card and Merchant Acquiring at NSDL Payments Bank; Aditya Murthy, Vice President of Digital and Fintech Partnerships for South Asia at Mastercard; and Gautam Aggarwal, Division President of South Asia & Country Corporate Officer for India at Mastercard, who also played a role in presenting awards during the ceremony.

Rohit Gajbhiye, Founder and MD, LEO1 said “We are profoundly moved by the unwavering dedication and fervor demonstrated by our participants, which reinforces our steadfast dedication to fostering a culture of perpetual growth in education. This occasion is not merely a celebration of accomplishments but a beacon that kindles a collective ardor for sculpting a luminous tomorrow through the pursuit of knowledge. These accolades stand as potent catalysts, igniting the flames of inspiration and propelling us forward on the path of innovation and distinction that propels educational advancement. Witnessing the boundless passion and steadfast commitment of our participants stirs a fervent motivation within us to persist in nurturing an environment of continual enhancement. They beckon us all to rise to the challenge, striving for excellence and sculpting a future where education shines brighter than ever before.”

The LEO1 Education Excellence Awards 2024 stood out as a prominent corporate gathering, uniting leaders, educators, and institutions committed to shaping the future of education in India. By honoring those who demonstrated remarkable dedication to educational innovation and excellence, the awards aimed to commend both individuals and institutions for their outstanding contributions.

About LEO1:

LEO1, a pioneering Edu-fintech company, transforms financial operations for educational institutions through its comprehensive Financial SAAS platform. Key modules include Rewards, Smart ID Cards, Fee Management, and Financial Literacy, collectively empowering institutions with streamlined fee collection, enhanced transparency, and real-time insights. Notably, LEO1 incentivizes responsible financial behavior by rewarding timely fee payments with LEO1 Coins, where each coin holds a value of one rupee. These coins can be redeemed across various platforms for discounts and vouchers, aligning with the broader mission of making education more accessible by potentially reducing or eliminating fees for students who consistently meet payment deadlines. This initiative not only addresses the institutional cash flow challenge but also contributes to the larger vision of fostering a cashless ecosystem within educational institutes.

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