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Fifty-Five Bihar Cadre IAS Officers Elevated to Junior Administrative Grade

New Delhi: In a significant development within Bihar’s administrative echelons, fifty-five officers from the Bihar cadre of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) have been elevated to the Junior Administrative Grade, entitling them to the prestigious Additional Secretary Level Pay Scale.

The promotion, spanning across officers from the 2011 and 2014 batches, marks a milestone in their careers, signifying their dedication and service to the state. Among those promoted, Anil Kumar Jha’s elevation is set to be effective from February 15, 2023, while Naresh Jha’s promotion took effect from December 14, 2023. The remaining fifty-three bureaucrats were elevated as of December 13, 2023.

Highlighting the diversity and talent within the cadre, officers from various batches have been recognized for their exemplary service. Notable among those promoted from the 2011 batch include Sushil Kumar, Kishori Chaudhary, Purshottam Paswan, Ujjwal Kumar Singh, Vinay Kumar Rao, Ranjani Kant, Sanjay Kumar, Shashank Shekhar Sinha, Mukesh Kumar Sinha, Nirmal Kumar, Shiv Kumar Shaiva, Birendra Paswan, Arvind Mandal, Anil Chaudhary, Vishwanath Chaidhary, and Brajesh Kumar.

Similarly, officers from subsequent batches, such as Arun Kumar Singh, Vibhuti Ranjan Chaudhary, Anil Kumar Jha, Naveen, Jay Prakash Singh, Alok Kumar, Mohammad Maqsood Alam, Animesh Pandey, Satya Prakash Sharma, Upendra Prasad, Arunabh Chandra Verma, Geeta Singh, Arun Kumar Jha, Nand Kishor Shah, Nishith Verma, Sudhanshu Kumar Singh, Sanjeev Kumar Sinha, Naveen Kumar Singh, Kamlesh Kumar Singh, Rajiv Kumar Shrivastav, Dr. Vidya Nandan Singh, Shailendra Kumar, Satyendra Kumar Singh, Sunil Kumar, Pavan Kumar Sinha, Mahavir Prasad Verma, Manoj Kumar, Ibrar Alam, and Anjula Prasad, have been acknowledged for their contributions.

From the 2014 batch, officers including Sanjay Kumar, Sangeeta Singh, Anil Kumar Thakur, Mukesh Kumar, Gautam Paswan, Ranjit Kumar, Kalpana Kumari, and Praveen Kumar have been granted the well-deserved promotion.

This elevation not only recognizes the dedication and hard work of these officers but also underscores the commitment of the Bihar government to fostering a capable and efficient administrative machinery. It is expected that with their newfound responsibilities, these officers will continue to serve the state and its people with diligence and integrity, contributing to Bihar’s progress and development.

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