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Transforming India into a Global Tech Superpower by 2030 through Innovative Coding Education: Ramana Telidevara from Codetantra

New Delhi: As India prepares to boast the highest percentage of working-age individuals by 2030, the imperative to skill its youth in coding and IT becomes a national priority. With this demographic advantage, India stands on the cusp of transforming into a global technology superpower. In this regard, ObserveNow Media interacted with Ramana Telidevara, CEO of CodeTantra.

Here are some key excerpts from the interview:

How does CodeTantra’s approach to coding education position India for global technological leadership by 2030?

CodeTantra’s unique approach lies in integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application. Our platform collaborates with universities and engineering colleges across India, facilitating a digital transformation in how coding and programming are taught. We empower faculty to deliver an integrated learning experience, blending theory with hands-on practice. This approach ensures that students not only understand coding concepts but also apply them in real-world scenarios, which is crucial for India to emerge as a global tech leader.

What makes CodeTantra’s teaching methodology effective in skilling the Indian youth in coding and IT?

Our methodology is centered on interactive, live demonstrations and extensive practice exercises. This immersive approach helps students grasp complex concepts with ease and encourages experiential learning. By providing timely assistance during coding sessions, we ensure that students overcome challenges in real time, enhancing their problem-solving skills. This practical, experience-driven learning is what sets our students apart in the global IT landscape.

In light of the anticipated demographic shift, what challenges do you foresee in IT education, and how does CodeTantra plan to address them?

The challenge is to scale up quality education and make it accessible to a vast number of students across various regions. CodeTantra addresses this through our digital platform, which breaks geographical barriers and brings uniformity in the quality of education. Our focus is on inclusivity, ensuring students from all backgrounds have equal access to top-notch coding education, thus democratizing the learning process.

How do you envision India’s youth shaping the global IT industry in the next decade?

The future of the global IT industry is highly dependent on the innovative and creative minds of today’s youth. With the right skills, India’s youth are set to be at the forefront of technological innovation and development. They will not only contribute to India’s growth but also play a pivotal role in the global tech narrative, driving significant advancements and solutions.

What advice would you offer to young Indians aspiring to excel in coding and IT?

My advice is to embrace the power of learning and innovation. The skills you acquire through platforms like CodeTantra will be your tools to build a brighter future. Be persistent, stay curious, and remember that every problem you solve in coding is a step towards India’s journey in becoming a global tech superpower by 2030.

In this engaging interview, Mr. Ramana TSV elucidates CodeTantra’s visionary role in shaping India’s future. By fostering a robust coding and IT skill set among the youth, CodeTantra is not just preparing individuals for a career in technology but is actively contributing to India’s ascent as a global technological superpower.


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