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PRERANA Program Launched By Ministry Of Education

New Delhi: The Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education, Government of India, has introduced a program titled ‘Prerana: An Experiential Learning Program.’ This initiative aims to provide a unique and meaningful experience to students from class IX to XII, empowering them with essential leadership qualities.

Prerana is deeply rooted in the principles of the Indian education system and the value-based philosophy outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. This week-long residential program, hosted in the historic Vernacular School of Vadnagar, Gujarat, is set to combine heritage with innovation. Each week, a select group of 20 students (10 boys and 10 girls) from various parts of the country will participate in this transformative experience.

The curriculum, crafted by IIT Gandhi Nagar, revolves around nine value-based themes, including self-respect, courage, hard work, compassion, diversity, truthfulness, innovation, faith, and freedom. Mentored by experts from prestigious institutions, participants will engage in activities such as yoga, mindfulness, experiential learning, thematic sessions, and visits to ancient sites, fostering holistic development.

To enroll in Prerana, students can register through the official portal at The selection process, aligned with the program’s ethos, includes activities conducted at the School/block level during designated ‘Prerana Utsav’ days. Upon selection, the chosen participants will embark on a journey of inspiration, innovation, and self-discovery, carrying the spirit of Prerana into their communities as catalysts for positive change.

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