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Indian Railways Push for Innovation Gains Traction with Startups for Railways Initiative

New Delhi: Over 1,251 entities have signed up on the Indian Railway Innovation Portal, showcasing a robust response to the “Startups for Railways” initiative launched by the Ministry of Railways on June 13, 2022. 

To enhance operational efficiency and safety, the initiative encourages startups, MSMEs, innovators, and entrepreneurs to contribute innovative technologies. A total of 23 projects have been recognized, amounting to a substantial Rs. 43.87 Cr. The policy ensures that those involved retain exclusive ownership of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) generated during the project. The diverse participation includes 248 startups, 671 individual innovators, 142 MSMEs, 58 R&D organizations/institutes, 47 proprietorship/partnership firms/companies/LLPs/JVs/consortiums, 19 NGOs, and 66 others, highlighting the widespread enthusiasm for fostering innovation within the Indian Railways sector. 

Access the Indian Railways Innovation Portal at

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