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Chandigarh University Excels in Academics, Careers, and Sports Achievements: Overview by Vice Chancellor

New Delhi: The implementation of the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) marks a transformative era in the educational landscape, with universities actively engaging in collaborative efforts with industries to design courses that equip students with the skills needed for the ever-evolving job market. These partnerships ensure the development of industry-ready graduates. Furthermore, the integration of new-age technologies within educational institutions has become a cornerstone, facilitating personalized learning and delivering tailor-made educational outcomes.

Concurrently, universities are fostering global partnerships, emphasizing international exposure and growth opportunities for students. This multifaceted approach reflects a commitment to holistic education, preparing students not only academically but also for the dynamic challenges of the global workforce. In this regard Sanjeevini Singhal, ObserveNow interacted with Prof. (Dr.) Manpreet S Manna, Vice Chancellor, Chandigarh University.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

What are your opinions on the new National Education Policy 2020 and how has it been implemented in your institution?

NEP 2020 has been rolled out during a significant period when our country aspires to become a developed nation, aligning with the mission of our Honourable Prime Minister, ‘Viksit Bharat@2047’ being its Amritkaal for the nation’s youth, who are going to be the founder beneficiaries of Vishit Bharat, must get ready with the best global and national skills concerning technology and solutions to society. This policy took around 4 years to be curated, covering all the dimensions, including Indian knowledge, languages, a flexible curriculum with credit-choice learning, internationalization of institutions, innovation, startup culture, digital empowerment, etc. So there is no way for HEI, including Chandigarh University, to keep themselves away from implementing such policies, which are truly needed for the holistic development of the nation’s youth hence, we are already on the journey to implement most of the features of NEP 2020, in fact leading our region for the timely implementation of this policy.

Does your university collaborate with any industries to create courses to ensure industry-ready students? Give insights and examples.

Chandigarh University collaborates with many industries to create courses like BE CSE with a specialization in Big Data Analytics, BE CSE with a specialization in Cloud Computing, BE CSE with a specialization in Information Security, BE CSE with a specialization in AI & ML, BE CSE with specialization in IOT (collaborated with IBM), and BE Computer Science and Business Systems (collaborated with TCS) to prepare our students as per the current demands of industry. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we establish workshops in collaboration with Honda, MG, Eicher, and Mahindra & Mahindra at Chandigarh University.

What new-age technologies has your institution integrated to deliver tailor-made educational outcomes?

Blackboard software is used by our university as a versatile learning management system (LMS) that provides a centralized platform for teachers to create, organize, and deliver course content, including assignments and assessments. Students can access resources, participate in discussions, and submit assignments online. Additionally, LMS facilitates communication between students and teachers, fostering collaborative learning environments. The LMS supports various teaching methods, from traditional classroom settings to online courses. Remote login through a mobile application for online learners. Online proctoring has proven to be one of the best practices for assessment outcomes.

Please elaborate on the outcomes of implementing these new technologies in terms of challenges.

Implementing technologies like Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Chandigarh University Management System (CUIMS) in the university brings positive outcomes such as streamlined education, centralized course management, and enhanced collaboration. However, challenges arise in the form of resistance to transitioning to a paperless system, and technical issues. Overcoming these challenges requires comprehensive training, regular updates, technical support, and effective communication for successful integration into the educational landscape.

Are there any global partnerships that your university is focusing on to allow students international exposure and growth?

Chandigarh University has 478 Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) and offers a student semester exchange program with 105 countries, fostering research collaborations and faculty exchanges. We conduct exclusive in-house faculty development programs for Chandigarh University faculty and staff. In 2023, 25 international professors imparted innovative pedagogy skills, subject matter expertise, and insights into international academic cultures, and facilitated course creation and class management in both online and physical modes.

Are there any daily practices that your university focuses on that help to increase student efficiency?

Chandigarh University runs a mentor-mentee program for students, where each student has their own mentor, who also serves as their class teacher. This setup enables students to discuss their issues with their respective mentors. The Department of Career Planning prepares students for group discussions and enhances their communication skills for interviews. Chandigarh University boasts the highest salary packages offered, with Microsoft offering the highest package at 51 LPA in 2023. Chandigarh University achieved significant sporting successes, including 11 medals in the All India Inter University Gatka and individual achievements, winning at the U-17 World Wrestling Championship in Istanbul, Turkey. Our university secured gold medals in Hockey, Cricket, and Kabaddi at the 19th Asian Games in 2023, along with medals in Archery and Wrestling. The university also earned a gold medal in the Men’s Asian Hockey World Cup 2023-24, a gold medal in the Men’s Junior Asia Hockey Cup 2023-24, and a bronze medal in the 11th Sultan Johor Cup 2023-24, among other events.

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