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UGC Intensifies Measures against Ragging in Higher Education Institutions

New Delhi: In a renewed effort to combat the persisting issue of ragging, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has emphasized the criminal nature of this offense. The UGC has mandated strict regulations to thwart and eradicate ragging in higher educational institutions, making their implementation compulsory. Institutions failing to comply or inadequately address incidents will face punitive actions from the UGC.


To bolster anti-ragging initiatives, institutions are urged to enhance awareness through diverse channels. This includes forming Anti-Ragging committees and squads, establishing dedicated cells, installing CCTV surveillance at crucial points, conducting workshops and seminars, and updating websites with comprehensive information on nodal officers. Regular counseling sessions, identifying potential triggers, and prominently featuring anti-ragging warnings in e-prospectuses are also recommended.


Further, surprise inspections of various facilities such as hostels, canteens, and recreational areas, coupled with the display of large anti-ragging posters, are vital steps in curbing this behavior. The UGC, through its website, offers standardized posters measuring 8×6 feet for institutions to utilize. The call extends to adopting any necessary measures that contribute to the prevention and suppression of ragging and unwanted behavioral incidents.


This story has been sourced from a UGC Press Release.

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