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THDC India Achieves Milestone in Power Sector with Successful Commissioning of Tehri Pumped Storage Project Units

New Delhi: THDC India Limited, has reached a noteworthy accomplishment by successfully completing the assembly of the Second unit (U#6- 250MW variable speed pump turbine) within the 1000MW Tehri Pumped Storage Project (PSP) on December 26, 2023.


R. K. Vishnoi, Chairman and Managing Director of THDCIL, lauded the PSP team for their remarkable achievement, highlighting that this significant milestone represents a pivotal advancement in the realization of the Nation’s inaugural Variable Speed Pumped Storage Project (1000 MW).


Vishnoi praised the unwavering dedication of the THDC team working on the Tehri PSP and extended his congratulations for their diligent and collaborative efforts in attaining this milestone. He emphasized that the THDC team is renowned for establishing new standards in the Hydro-sector and consistently meeting objectives despite facing challenges.


Vishnoi elaborated on the Tehri PSP’s purpose, stating that it is designed to generate 1000 MW of Peaking Power to enhance system reliability and provide Balancing Load to Thermal and Renewable generation during off-peak hours. The reservoir created by the Tehri Dam and Koteshwar Dam will serve as the upstream and downstream reservoir for the Pump Storage Plant. This significant development is expected to contribute significantly to stabilization by meeting Peak Load and balancing requirements.


The event witnessed the presence of Sh. L.P. Joshi, Executive Director (Tehri Complex & APP), along with other senior officers from THDC India and the Consortium of M/s GEPIL, M/s HCC, and M/s GEHF.


In addition to the above, the Tehri PSP team achieved another milestone by successfully lowering the Runner of the Final Unit-U#8 (250 MW Variable Speed Pump Turbine) of the 1000 MW Tehri Pumped Storage Project (PSP) on December 22, 2023.


This story has been sourced from the official facebook page of THDC India Limited.

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