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Expansion of Science Museums Nationwide Unveiled

New Delhi: In a significant stride towards fostering a culture of science, the Ministry of Culture is spearheading the establishment of state-of-the-art science centers and museums across the nation through the Scheme for Promotion of Culture of Science (SPC). The National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, has been entrusted with the implementation of Science Centers, Cities, Museums, and Innovation Hubs under the SPCS Scheme.

Detailed information on the new science museums inaugurated in the past four years, categorized by state and year, has been provided in an annexure.

All Science Centers are now accessible to the public, welcoming both school and college students. NCSM Science Centers are taking it a step further by organizing annual programs such as Science Fairs, Science Seminars, Science Dramas, Science Demonstration Lectures, and Traveling Science Exhibitions, enriching the educational experience for students.

Additionally, all Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) site museums are open to the general public, with special invitations extended to local school students on specific days. Notably, students under the age of 15 enjoy complimentary entry to these museums.

This  update was delivered by the Union Minister for Culture, G.Kishan Reddy, in the Rajya Sabha today.

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