Jammu reacts to scrapping article 370

The preparations for the swearing-in ceremonies of the two newly appointed Lieutenant Governors for Srinagar and Leh that will take place on the 31st of October have begun. The new Reorganisation Act will affect J&K and the residents of J&K in various ways and everyone has a different take on it. While some hope for a positive change with better employment opportunities, others question the way the abrogation of the Act was implemented with the internet getting blocked.

ObserveNow brings to you the exclusive report on how people responded to the scrapping of the Article. 

On one hand, Reema Bhat, a Kashmiri Migrant hopes for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir. She said,” This time Kashmiri Pandits won’t have to migrate again.” On the other hand, Wasim Raja questioned the government. He said, “The Government should have considered people’s take on the abrogation of this Act.”

Mrs. Seema questioned the shutdown to internet access - “If everything is alright in Kashmir, why is there no access to the internet.” Mr. Omar Dar was quoted saying, “This move has hurt the sentiments of the people of J&K and it is against their wishes.” 

Jatinder Kumar, a local shopkeeper of Jammu praised Modi and anticipated a positive change for J&K in the upcoming days.

This move has brought some mixed reactions from the residents of Jammu. It will be noteworthy to observe the changes that this move will bring in for the people of J&K.

Video Reporter- Anusha Bhat, 23, New Delhi 

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