Zomato's futuristic employee policies

Online Food delivery company Zomato has chosen to stretch out paid parental leaves to all of the employees, regardless of their gender. In a new announcement Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal has announced a 26 week paternity leave for employees in the company. 

“For women across the globe (we have teams in 13 countries as we speak), we will be offering 26 weeks paid leave, or will follow the government mandated policy, whichever is more. We will be offering exactly the same benefits to men as well. There won’t be even an iota of difference in parental leave policy for men and women at Zomato going forward,” Goyal wrote in his blog.

Even all the more fascinating that this arrangement additionally applies to non-birthing parents, and in cases of surrogacy, adoption, and same-sex accomplice. 

Moreover, the new parents will also be given a gift of $1000, per child. These policy changes will be applicable to even those women who have had a child within the last 6 months.

In a nation, where same sex-relationships have as of late got acknowledgment, the pattern of broadening parental leaves for all the genders alike and in the cases like surrogacy and adoption, isn't that famous.

Even if some forward-thinking companies have such policies for male employees and non-birthing parents, the leaves given our often not as long as 26 weeks. As the government, has not mandated the employers to extend leaves for this long, not many companies themselves have taken that initiative.

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