Zerodha’s Founding Family Will Draw an Annual Salary of 100 cr Each in 2021

Kamath brothers (Nithin and Nikhil), founders of the unicorn Fintech Start-up Zerodha, an online stock trading platform, and Nitin’s wife Seema Patil can draw an annual salary of 100 cr plus allowances. This amounts to about 300 Cr yearly. Seema has been recently promoted to a full-time director of the company. 


The company’s board has passed a special resolution, according to which the trio will draw a basic salary of 4.17 crore per month, coupled with allowances the annual figure for is expected to cross 300 cr EACH! 


Their salary package crosses that of Infosys CEO Salil Parekh who took home an annual salary of 49.689 crores in FY 2020-21. 

The company will also run a buyback this year, similar to what it did the previous year, but at double the valuation -- at $2 billion. "Everyone holds ESOPs & continuously get new options, too. We ran a buyback last year at a $1-billion valuation & we will this year do it at $2 billion. Maybe conservative valuations, but our business risks are high. Personally, the proudest moment in this journey," Nithin tweeted on Friday.

Zerodha is still a bootstrapped Start-up that crossed 1000 cr in revenue n FY 2020, the year of Coronavirus which saw many big companies crumbling to the ground.


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