World’s first Robo- Artist

Another ground breaking discovery in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The world’s first the world's first ultra-realistic humanoid robo-artist named Ai-Da.

She  is the first human like robot who can draw and paint. Ai-Da has been created by a man named Aidan Meller who is an artist of his own gallery in Oxford University, England.

 “She is fully algorithmic... fully creative,” Meller said speaking to reporters in England.

As he spoke, an occasionally blinking Ai-Da, built with cameras for eyes and a robotic arm to draw with, worked on a sketch of him from behind a desk.

 Right now Ai-Da can only draw with hard tools like pencils and not brushes. But she is a subject to constant upgradation.

Art created by the AI robot will go on display at the University of Oxford. The exhibition will run at the Barn Gallery at St John's College from 12 June.

 AI is being utilized in health care and warfare; it’s helping people make music and books; it’s scrutinizing your resume, judging your creditworthiness, and improving the photos you take on your phone.

Recently at the Future of Ageing Conference in London, Caroline Waters, Vice Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and vice president of Carers UK said, “We’re conflating robots and AI with industry,” actually we’re more likely to use domestic robots.”

  There will be 31 million robots helping households across the world by 2019.

Meanwhile ObserveNow brings to you 5 Humanoid robots that we will watch in 2019:-

·         Boston Dynamics Atlas - It could walk on snow, pick up boxes, and get up by itself after falling down.

·         Walker- Developed by UB Tech performed well at CES, though in controlled areas and demos, showing off its ability to grasp and manipulate objects and self-balance.

·         T-HR3 -Developed by Toyota with the aim of creating a partner robot that can support human activities in a variety of circumstances, such as homes and healthcare institutions.

·         E2-DR- Developed by Honda not only is it based on Asimo, but it is also trying to be more useful by helping disaster-relief efforts.

·         Cassie- Developed by Agility Robotics is much more energy-efficient compared with other humanoid robots.

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