Why Elon Musk never takes a Vacation

Billionaire Elon Musk has it all- big companies, investments, 30 million followers on twitter and is the flag bearer of taking Man to Mars. So, it must be very easy for many to think he can travel, vacay and party like a superstar. As he has every means to support it. 


However, his reality is too different. As it turns out Founder and CEO of Tesla thinks taking a “vacation can kill you”. But why this aversion to vacations? In addition to working almost all the time and even sleeping on the Tesla factory floor while the production of Tesla’s Model 3. Musk believes he has terrible luck when it comes to vacation. 


In an interview in 2015 Musk said: “The first time I took a week off the orbital sciences rocket and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic  exploded in the same week.” 


“The second time I took an off my rocket exploded.”


One time when Elon was off to his first honeymoon while he was the CEO at X.com he received a confidential note while he was on the plane stating that he had been replaced as the CEO by Peter Thiel. 


Hence he had to take a flight back to California as soon as he landed in Sydney, Australia. He called it the most traumatic vacation experience in the world. 


Gathering his courage to take a vacation again. Musk planned a two-week trip to Brazil and South Africa where he contacted Malaria and came very close to dying. 

Hence he Elon Musk has effectively concluded- “That is my lesson on vacation- Taking a vacation can kill you.” 


Ever since this man has been all work and no play. So it’s true- All that glitters is not gold. 

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