Why Abraham Lincoln is breaking the internet in 2019

“Government of the people, by the people and for the people” is not the only thing that will remind you of Abraham Lincoln now. Recently, at the Los Angeles Federal building, someone captured and shared the internet’s latest object of desire – a youthful eight-foot-tall statue of Abraham Lincoln.

An irresistible depiction of, casual honest Abraham or rather “Baberaham” strikes a pose sans shirt and sans shoes, holding a book in one hand, clutching the top of his low-slung trousers in the other, throwing beams of confidence. It’s abundantly clear from his chiseled structure and hard rock abs that this statue is portraying a guy who worked out hard in the gym.

Abraham Lincoln who has always been a leading figure for the public is now even seen as an enticing one. The young ‘Baberaham’ statue first made its erotic entry in the year 1939 New York’s world fair. According to government records, the young Lincoln statue was actually made in the image of James Lee Hansen who actually created this hot Baberaham sculpture. Hansen was only 23 when he won an art contest run by the government and was commissioned to create the piece — which was to go in front of the Los Angeles Courthouse — in the same year.

The statue was again brought to attention now by a Twitter user who loves art and went viral in a click and since then has been getting all hot and bothered over the internet.

The way he has been depicted in the history of America as its 16th president doesn’t quite mention the details the statues have. It came out as a shock for people who were unaware of the statue. It looks like the guy who’ll you stalk on Instagram and would wonder if he’s single.

Now, Abraham Lincoln not only the leadership icon of the people but has even turned out to be a partner goal for people who are drooling over his statue.

The hot bod statue has not only left us with the regret of not being born in that era but even filled us with rage against John Wilkes Booth as only he assassinated the golden leader of history Abraham Lincoln.v

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