What to expect at Apple's annual launch event today

Apple has sent out invitations for its annual fall press event on September 10, 2019. The new iPhone is likely to be the show star this week. It will be at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino.

Apple's invitation shows a modern take of the multicolored Apple logo of old. The speculation is that Apple plans to add new colors to its iPhone lineup.

While it's certain we'll see the iPhone 11 lineup, that won't be the only thing Apple disclose on that day. From software updates to additional devices. ObserveNow brings to you a list of things you can expect at tomorrow's event.  

New iPhones

·        New branding:  Apple will likely to show off three new high-end iPhones the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone 11 — replacing its XS, XS Max, and XR models, according to reports. It may also introduce a much cheaper model starting at around $450.

·        More and better cameras: This year, we're expecting each of the three new iPhones to get one more camera. The iPhone11  is said to include a second, telephoto camera to bring it in line with last year's XS and XS Max.The new iPhone Pros, meanwhile, should get a wide-angle camera for more flexibility while shooting. The improvements don't end there, there’s still more to it: Bloomberg says one camera mode will take a photo using all three cameras at once, and stitch the results together with the little help of AI. You will also be able to edit and add filters to a video while you're still recording it.

·        Improved Face ID:  This year's iPhones should be able to use even when your face isn't directly in front of the phone with the inclusion of a wide-angle Face ID sensor.

·        Wireless charging: You'll soon be able to charge your AirPods directly from an iPhone, all because of the inclusion of a bi-directional wireless charging system in the new Pros. 

·        New colors:  The new iPhones aren't expected to look much different from the models they replace — including the same sized screens. It is expected that Apple could introduce some new color options for the iPhone XR's successor: iPhone11.  All of a sudden, Apple's glassy, multicolored logo on its invite is generating some speculation.

New Apple Watches

The product has made major strides since its 2015 launch: It now offers cellular connectivity and has a strong foothold on the wearables market.

Apple may also integrate artificial intelligence capabilities, built-in sleep tracking and offer material changes into the smart watch, but these twists will likely only appeal to those who don't already own one and not lead to upgrades. 

MacBook Pro 16

 Apple may be looking to replace the largest MacBook in its collection, the MacBook Pro 15, with an even larger MacBook Pro 16.

The most prominent change that Apple is said to be making is with the device’s design. Similar to the iPad Pro’s reconstruct, Apple is looking to further shave down the bezels around the MacBook’s display, creating a laptop with an almost bezel-less screen. The size of the display is still not confirmed but it could lie anywhere between 16 to 16.5 inches — but it has also been reported that Apple will not be using an OLED panel; we’re likely to see an IPS LCD panel instead.

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