What could go wrong with Delhi’s free ride system?

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has recently made an announcement stating all public transportations like DMRC and DTC busses will be free for Women to travel. Although he has offered the scheme as a subsidy so women can choose to avail.  


 Daily 7.5 lakh women take the metro and about 8.5 lakh take the bus service. Kejriwal says this move will ensure the safety of women in Delhi. Media and women folk remain divided on this matter. ObserveNow brings to you issues that will crop up in successful implementation of the scheme



·      What will be the mechanism put in place to segregate men and women travelers?

·     What kind of ‘special cards’ will be given to women? 

·      What will be process of reimbursement for DMRC and DTC will the government pay in advance or money will be granted after presenting all the bills and funds? 

·       If women are segregated and counted how will those records be maintained? 

·       If there are any delay in payments by Delhi government how will it impact the bus and metro services until its cleared off. 

·      Who will bear all the additional costs? 

·      Is it ethically correct to put the women living in the capital of India to be put in such a huge gender bias situation and make them look so inferior? 


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