We want to make this world a more beautiful place to live in: CEO Organic Harvest

Young entrepreneur Rahul Agarwal left his job to pursue his ambition of becoming the 'Man in a Woman's Industry.' With this goal in his mind he started off with an organic skincare brand called Organic Harvest. The company which started off in 2013, has come a long way. With Rahul being conferred with "Young entrepreneur of the year" 2019 award. 

In an exclusive interview with ObserveNow Rahul shares his beauty secrets.  Edited excerpts from his interview: 


Q-Tell us about your aspiration for being the "Man in a Woman's industry”?


A-  Seeing a big gap in the availability of Organic products in the Indian personal care industry. I launched Organic Harvest, using age-old methods to embrace the power of nature to heal anything. Our products are unisex products as there has been a huge shift in the market and personal care is not just restricted to women these days. 


Men have also become equally conscious about the way they look. And pertaining to this change, the skincare industry now is a unisex industry. All our products are unisex & more & more men are using our products. We want to make this world a better & beautiful place to live in and leave it better than we found it. 


Q-There are quite a few organic skincare products and ranges in the market already. What is your USP to stand out?


A- Organic Harvest offers an array of products that are currently unique to the Indian consumer market. These products are devoid of any Parabens, Phthalates, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, Paraffin or animal ingredients. The raw materials used are certified by Global organizations like EcoCert, OneCert & Nature. The certification is evidence that the raw materials used for manufacturing



Q- Tell us about your product range?


A-We have product in different category, from skin care to hair care and body care. Organic Harvest has an array of face wash, scrubs, masks, essentials oils, daily shampoos and conditioner, bathing bars, facial kits, serums, creams and Active range products, which are 100% safe, highly effective and environment-friendly. We are also the leading brand in India to introduce Organic Serum Mask (sheet mask) to the consumers.


Q-What are your two tips to young start-up CEO’s?



1-Do not spend before you earn

2-Learn to sell. You need to be a good salesman to reach newer heights.


Q-Talk to us about your pan India expansion strategy?


A- We want to make Organic Harvest synonym to beauty and purity; which Xerox did to photocopy. We want everyone who is cautious of beauty to be a consumer of Organic Harvest. Our strategy is to be available at all access points, for this, we are increasing our distribution network to go wider & deeper in the market. Currently, our products are available in 10k outlets across India. Our target is to reach to 50k outlets in next 2-3 years across pan-India.



Q- What kind of supply deficit do you see in the Indian markets regarding organic wellness products right now?


A-The Indian market is undergoing a glamorous makeover as several major international brands are making their presence felt in the domestic market. The domestic market projects to grow at a CAGR of around 22% during the period of 2017-2020


There is a paradigm shift in consumer preference from ‘looking good’ to ‘feeling good’. Consumers are now paying attention to the environmental impact of the goods they consume. So, whilst ten years ago it was food where the pull for natural was strongest, consumers are now becoming equally mindful about what they are using on their bodies and in their homes as well.




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