We are committed to creating a diverse workforce: OLX HR Business Partner

OLX, a global product and tech group, today has its presence in 40 countries with more than 17 brands and 5000 people. Every month around 330 million people use OLX and its various trading platforms for buying and selling goods across the world. 


ObserveNow spoke to Nisha Bangia, HR Business Partner at OLX group where she shed light on the best employee policies at OLX, how the company aligns its HR policies with its goals and their strategy to deal with the upcoming boom of the millennial workforce. 


Edited Excerpts from her interview: 


Q- What do you do to ensure the HR department's objective is aligned with the strategic goals of the organization? 


Human Resource is an extremely important function at OLX & is always looked at as an enabling function which enables all the other functions to perform to the best of their capabilities. 


A few things that have worked well for us are :

·    Shared goals b/w HR & Business.

·    Quarterly reviews with the GM/ Business head which is run in partnership by HR & the respective business leader.

·    Monthly decks for each country/ region for the CEO OLX Markets talking about highlights and low lights for Business as well as HR.

·    Regular 1:1s b/w HRBP’s and various business leaders. 

·    Recurrent offsite meetings b/w HR Leaders & Leadership group to take a step back & review how we are doing as a business and how can we continuously keep working towards it more efficiently. 


Q- Talk to us about the growing demand for digital talent and how are you promoting the and enabling digital mindset within your company?


A few things that come to my mind that we have worked & working on are:


·    Creating an open culture where we respect and welcome people with different perspectives and not necessarily looking for an exact culture fit. 

·    Providing high visibility across levels locally & globally which means 100% empowerment to our people & that’s what today’s generations enjoy the most.

·    Creating a learning culture: this is an endeavour where we provide every possible support to our employees in every capacity to ensure they are upskilling themselves habitually.


 Some of the initiatives that we  at OLX  include:


·    Having dedicated learning hours where people can choose to read any books, do some online courses on Udemy, enrol themselves for certification.

·    Our education policy supports our employees to enrol themselves for a course at the universities to fulfil their dreams of completing an executive MBA… and many more.

·    Having ‘Individual Development Plans’ for all and especially for the high potentials which are regularly updated & tracked b/w the employee, line manager & the HRBP.

·    Providing a more than ‘Agile Environment’: Given the rate at which technology is evolving it won't take long to overturn the current digital /business landscapes and OLX is focused on being an employer where all employees have equal opportunities to learn & adapt themselves quickly to the changes.  


Q- What are the steps and procedure you are using to promote a diverse Institution?


Let’s first define what diversity really means as at OLX we are committed to a diverse workforce which is not only focused on the gender but also on the different ethnicity, backgrounds, perspectives.  

A few initiatives that we have done/doing are:


·    Training sessions on ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment’ for all employees to reiterate what is acceptable and what is not at the workplace & how one can act on it. 

·    We have a group dedicated to women employees called ‘Marvels’ for empowering women at work and creating an open channel to communicate without any hesitation and ensuring equal opportunity for all.

·    We are planning to conduct a ‘Women Only’ hackathon in coming months to boost our the gender ratio in Technology, Product & Data functions.

·    We revamped our referral policy recently which talks about a premium pay-out in-case of hiring woman employees across all levels. 


Q- How is Olx India upgrading itself to staff the upcoming boom of the millennial workforce? 


The good news is that OLX is such a popular consumer brand that it gives us an advantage while hiring talent as and would break this into two phases: 


At the time of Hiring - 


·    Start with a well-defined JD & Ensure the hiring manager does the first call with the candidate ditching the traditional interview processes. 

·    Make it an attractive career opportunity rather than just another job: We at OLX always ensure to talk to the candidates at length elucidating what’s in it for them & how their careers will take shape in the coming years if they were to join OLX.

·    Hire people from all sort of different backgrounds to bring in different perspectives – Campus Interns, Laterals, From different industries etc. 


Post Hiring –


·   Offer ample empowerment & flexibility for the new age employees to experiment, try new ways, learn on the job – no one likes to be micro-managed and most importantly celebrate failures.

·   Offer enough & more platforms for people to learn from and upgrade themselves as per their convenience as learning nowadays doesn’t happen only through a classroom.

·   Offer high-quality work - this is the best retention tool in my opinion.

·   Create a culture of frequent recognition even for small wins. 


Q- What are Olx India HR policies for securing the rights of LGBT at the workplace? What has changed in the organisation since 377 decriminalization? 


At OLX all the HR Policies are absolutely gender-neutral and the education on these policies keep happening regularly at the workplace through various training/sessions on anti-harassment, POSH ( Prevention of sexual harassment) etc. and we strongly believe the consequences in case of an unfortunate event will be the same for all genders once proved guilty. 


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