Was Leonardo Da Vinci Gay?

One of the most prominent figures in the 14thcentury. Renaissance man, Leonardo helped set a curious and superstitious world on the means of reason, science, learning, and tolerance. While we talk about his achievements in the field of art, literature, science, medicine… very little is known and spoken about his personal life. There are many claims that support the theory that our Renaissance Man could in fact be a member of the then LGBTQIA community. 



1. Leonardo has never held a lady with excitement. There was never at any point an occurrence for an incredible duration where there was a lady. 


2. Leonardo always accompanied himself with delightful youthful male collaborators, for example, Salai and Melzi. He had raised numerous youthful male trainees. Notebook of Leonardo incorporates a page of illustration by a hand other than Leonardo's. One of which is a roughly drawn sketch portraying a rear-end, distinguished as "Salai's bum" tightened by penises on legs. 


3. He was blamed twice for submitting the gay demonstrations in 1476. 


4. His illustration and his compositions give us a perspective on his homosexuality. His anatomical illustration normally absorbs the sexual organ of the two sexes yet those of the male show real more broad consideration. He even wrote in his journal that male-female intercourse disturbed him. 


5. He was accused of sodomy in 1467, the charge was dismissed and no further charges against him were filed

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