Vantage Circle is Redesigning Rewards and Recognition in a Post Covid World

As organizations navigate performance management amid the COVID-19 crisis, a key part of their strategy should be to revise rewards and recognition to reflect changes to both financial and non-financial incentives. 


Employee recognition is a well-timed acknowledgment to a person or team which praises their effort or behavior. Whether they have performed outstandingly or helped to achieve one of the organization’s goals, they will have clearly gone above and beyond normal expectations. 


Organizations must demonstrate that they have structured their rewards fairly by transparently communicating the link among business performance, individual performance, and rewards. While our focus here is on salaried employees, the same principles apply to hourly non-exempt workers. According to Mckinsey research, experience in transforming major organizations’ performance management highlights three guiding principles for designing a total rewards philosophy: 


·     Enabling business strategy and performance

·      Have a clear employee value proposition with differentiated rewards to attract talent and drive performance. 

·     Promote equity and fairness through transparency

Keeping in line with these ideas, Vantage Circle ( India’s leading AI-powered Employee Engagement and benefits solution provider) in association with ObserveNow Media is organizing Rewards & Recognition Leadership Virtual Summit on 21st August where India’s leading R&R experts will come together to discuss best practices for creating a total rewards policy for organizations. The session will be attended by 100+ HR and R&R Professionals from across India. 


Avantika Director & Head HR Pepsico
Paromita Roy, Head Rewards, Tata Steel
Sushmita Roy Head Rewards Sony India
Girish Kohli, Head Rewards, Times Group
Jonathan Dsouza ,Global Head Rewards, Welspun
Kunal Chandra Director Rewards, Flipkart
Radhika Anand, Asia Area & India Talent Development Leader AstraZeneca
Arvind Srinivasaraghvan,Head Rewards, Renault 
Kalpesh Vohra ,Group Head Total Rewards, Strides Pharma

Join us here:


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