Union Budget 2.0

After being elected to power in the mammoth Lok Sabha elections with a complete majority. Modi 2.0 brigade has come out with their first budget. 

Presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in the form of a traditional Bahi Khata (account ledger) instead of the leather briefcase which has been the norm since the colonial era.


ObserveNow brings to you the key points from this year’s budget in every sector. 


·   Transportation - One Nation One transport card-Creation of a national transport card which can be used pan India and on various modes of transport like rail, road etc. The card can also be used as an ATM for transactions. 


·   Housing - Rental Laws will be reformed and modern tenancy laws will be shared with states in order to promote in house renting. 


·   Education - Government will launch a study in India programme to attract a higher number of students for higher education in India. Has allocated 400 cr for the development of world-class educational institutions. 


·   Space Power -  A public sector enterprise New Space India Limited (NISL) has been incorporated to tap the benefits of ISRO. 


·   Sports - The government will encourage all forms of sports and their practice. National Sports education board will be set up under Khelo India. 


·   Agriculture - The government will promote innovative 0 budget farming. Will make 10,00 more farmer producer organization. 


·   Foreign Policy - India to open embassies in countries where India doesn’t have a resident diplomatic mission yet. Aadhar Card will be made available to NRI’s in less than 180 days of their arrival. 


·   FDI - The government will further open FDI for animation, media and insurance in consultation with the stakeholders. 100 per cent of FDI to be promoted for insurance intermediaries. 


·   Startups - The government will invest and encourage entrepreneurship and value addition in agriculture startups.  


·   Technology - The government will further boost to improve youth skills in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics etc. 


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