Understanding Psychological First-Aid with Dr Nabhit Kapur

With a vision to make psychology a household term Peaceful Mind Foundation is a global organization registered with UN Global Compact and UN DESA. To provide training and workshops on mental health awareness and education. 


Led by Prof Dr. Nabhit Kapur, a Psy.D and a mental health advocate, who has also been recognized for establishing a successful mental health forum in the world called ‘Global Youth Mental health Forum’ a platform for youth to train in psychological first aid. 


ObserveNow recently caught up with Dr. Kapoor to understand the state of mental health awareness in India, the levels of awareness in Corporates and a few tips to remain stress-free in today’s competitive world. 


Edited excerpts from his interview. 


Q- Tell us about a Peaceful mind foundation? 


Peaceful Mind Foundation (PMF) is a global organization affiliated with the United Nations (U.N.) Global Compact based in New Delhi, India. The foundation is present in more than 36 countries across the world. Embarking its vision i.e., “To make psychology a household term.”


The foundation is involved in the various initiatives including PMF fellowships, PMF awards, PMF training and workshops and the global youth mental health forum which embarks on the concept of psychological first aid. 


Q- What is the current state of mental health awareness among the educated youth in India? 


The youth of today definitely knows about the concept of mental health but the question comes on speaking about it. They know it but applying to themselves does get through.


Q- Do you think Indian corporates have adequate mental wellness programs in place? 


No, I don’t think even today some cooperates have it. You know the problem is a clear understanding that what it takes to set up mental health counseling centers. 

Q- A few recommendations for corporates to adopt wellness programs at the workplace? 


Just as clear example we have of Starbucks who recently started mental health services for employees, all big business brands should adopt programs like 

- Ongoing workshops to help even the non-mental health professionals to be aware of the smallest of details in and around them 

- Training programs from management level 


Very recently we have started a free stress and counseling center with Municipalities of Delhi, indicating that psychological well-being is as important as anything. 


Q- A few techniques you would recommend to remain stress-free in today's competitive work culture? 


Stress-free is not possible nowadays 

Yes, we can have few tips for the same to deal effectively: -


- Be sure that failure is a part of daily life 

- Make sure you appraise your stress before applying any coping mechanism 

- Make sure you understand that your perception of stress is adequate 

- Talk to someone 

- Refer a psychologist if you want to ventilate 


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