Un-Spoken Web Series : CSR for SDG and collective action for scale up

Unspoken, in association with Pleasin Strides foundation, has started a web series called Change - The Parivartan, mainly direct upon Sustainable Development goals set by UN General Assembly and their importance in Indian context .


The 7th webinar of the series will take place on 23rd July 2020. The topic for the dialogue will be "CSR for SDG and collective action for scale up."

Founders of Pleasin Strides Foundation Mr. Sagar Kaushik, Mr. Shashi Kaushik & Mr. Nagendra Singh Bisht will host it.


The panelists of the webinar are:


Mr.Praveen Karn, Head Group CSR, Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group

·         Ms. Akanksha Sharma, Head CSR and Sustainability, Sterlite Technologies

·         Mr. Arvind Bhodankar, Jt. Executive President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Ultra Tech Cement

·         Mr.Raju Sharma, Director CSR, IndiGO

·         Dr. K. K. Upadhyay, Director Centre for Social Review, Ex. FICCI

·         Mr. Joydeep Sen Head CSR (New Ventures) Cairn Oil & Gas


The series will include panelists who have made remarkable contributions in various fields for the society . It is going to be  very interesting to be a part of the discussion where panelists will be:

The world is looking forward to multiple stakeholders taking the task not only to promote  Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) but work upon it with underlying responsibility. A total of 17 goals and 169 targets are set to be achieved by 2030. These goals are bringing private players from various sectors to achieve the common aim of sustainable development.


The SDGs focus to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. The conception of sustainable development has gained grounds in the circle of corporations, the reasons for this could be the long term goals for the future and emerging business standards wherein all corporate seek to work together.


In the  2000's the contribution to sustainable development appeared and was emphasized as a duty of the corporations and as Corporate Social Responsibility. It is clear the focus of the responsibility shifted from state responsibility to 'multiple players' responsibility.


 When a company defines its CSR goals and skill development programmes, it is contributing to various SDGs like creating means to end poverty, hunger, focusing on environmental issues. This is how the SDGs and goals targeted by CSR overlap.


The Economic pillar of sustainability in many cases can provide an evasion for the companies from environmental and social responsibility. Those companies which take the responsibility are heterogeneous ; they have the characteristic of constant learning where they focus on best practices.


We know that addressing global issues calls for collective action. Prime Minister stresses  for collaborative efforts and inclusive growth. Framing a country's outlook and strategy towards growth always require a collective approach. Both public and private sectors are involved. The three year draft agenda for integrating SDGs with national agenda has clearly shown the vision of Indian government.


A participatory approach  is aimed to create programmed based on a continuous engagement of various stakeholders in understanding the expectations and need for particular intervention. A participatory approach not only ensures collaboration but  also refrain various stakeholders and participants to indulge into arguments that may lead to diversion from the aimed goals. Therefore, a participatory approach is mandatory for facilitating inclusive growth.

Heading towards positive approach the session will involve various views concerning the strategies for collective efforts and growth.


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