Top 5 Bootstrap Start-ups of India

Bootstrap startup is a one that relies on their own funds/savings, revenue for their day to day functions and running capital. According to a report by Economic Times, more than $10 Billion was funded to startups in India in the month of July, September 2021. In recent times most founders believe in the traditional way of putting their own money in the startup is a much better option as it gives the freedom in making day-to-day decisions in the organisation.

Observe Now has listed the top 5 bootstrap startups of India:

1.      ZERODHA

Started on 15th  August 2010, Zerodha’s main aim was to solve problems faced by the Indian traders regarding technology and provide them a platform for easy trading in the stock market. Zerodha is the stock broker in the country having the maximum number of active retail clients.

Nithin Kamath bootstrapped the startup keeping in mind the problems he faced as a trader. “In a way, we have broken every single norm, we didn't raise any external funding, we are a Bengaluru-based stock broking firm and if you look, we don't have a lot of pedigree education among the senior management. It's a lot about building lean teams with the right attitude and focus,” Kamath said in a statement to the media when the company was chosen as the Start-Up of the year in 2020.


2.      GRABON


GRABON is one of the premium names in the field of affiliate marketing. With a spike in online purchasing post covid, GRABON acts as an affiliate e-commerce set up in India. The company provides the best and the most recent coupons to the users so that they can get maximum offers/discounts while shopping online.

Ashok Reddy the founder of GRABON believes in engaging with the employees keeping in mind their professional growth which in turn leads to the overall development of the company.


3.      ZOHO


Having no investors, ZOHO has always experienced freedom in their work and looks for long-term solutions rather than short-term profits. ZOHO acts as a business solution provider for enterprises making their day-to-day work easy. It helps in managing accounts, provides CRM, and also manages the HR process of the enterprises.

Sridhar Vembu the founder of ZOHO said in a statement to the media, "You don't exist in business if you don't take care of the customer first. And you cannot have any employees if you don't have customers, so customers come first in everything. We are always looking for how we can give them better software, better support, and charge them less. That's what I'm constantly looking for." 




As the same suggests Social Pilot aims to help in posting, analysing the social media posts for teams, organisations, and businesses. It acts as a social media tool with complete solutions for social media activities. It also tells about the performance of social media posts which helps organisations to know their engagements on their social media pages.

Jimit Bagadiya who is the Co-founder & CEO of Social Pilot said in a statement to media, “From the moment we started up till today, we continue to believe that a company’s culture depends on the shared values among its leadership and employees. The reason we have come so far is our strong belief in the employee-first approach. The certification by Great Place to Work is a testament to the same."




An online dating platform that helps single men and women find their partners. It is one of the leading online dating websites in India. In January 2019 the company confirmed having 4 million users on its platform. Further, the start-up looks to launch its application in 10 international languages as well. Ravi Mittal the founder of the company said in a statement, “We aim to solve the problem for singles, help them find a date, make money in the process, and grow. It was never about raising funds or creating valuation.” 

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