Tom Hank’s Inferno has unprecedented parallels to Coronavirus

Through me, you enter the city of woes; through me, you enter eternal pain; through me, you enter population loss… Abandon all hope those who enter here” – Dante Alighieri. 


The year 2020 was a big shift-- we all entered a new decade with the hope of entering into new energy, greater opportunities, stronger economy. But the year does not look favorable to any of those demands. 


Since the beginning of the year, the world has united to fight a bio-virus that has quickly spread throughout the globe and is killing the weaker population.


What is very strange in this scenario is that so far in the three months of its existence, not a single plant/animal has been infected or died. It clearly means the virus is here to wipe out only humans. 



The whole situation we are in right now looks eerily similar to the 2016 Tom Hanks film ‘Inferno’. The movie starts with the protagonist waking up disillusioned in Italy and has to chase a vector virus that randomly activates to employ DNA modification to cause sterility in 1/3rd humans and reduce the population to a stable level. The virus is created by a mad bio scientist using Artificial Intelligence. Tom’s job is to chase the clues, morbidly based on the 12th-century renaissance poet Dante’s Map of Hell.  


Inferno Co-incidents merging with our reality- 

-  Bizarre connect to reality- The plot of the film is pretty much like what would happen if Tom Hanks had not saved the box containing the virus and it would have spread in the world. People who are suffering from illnesses are weak, over 60 and kids are the worst hit population. Which means – Survival of the fittest. 

2 -    Worst Hit Country- The corona scare has hit the entire world now and WHO has declared it as a pandemic. The worst-hit country outside the country of its origin is- Italy which has reported roughly 25,000 cases and 1,900 deaths so far. Incidentally, the film Inferno was shot in Italy and said that the maximum damage will be in this country if the bio-virus was released. 

3 -   Tom Hanks-The most bizarre coincidence out of all of these is the fact that the only Hollywood/Bollywood celebrity so far to have contacted coronavirus is Tom Hanks, the protagonist of the film Inferno. 


Theories about Coronavirus-  

Everyone today has their own thoughts, opinions, and theories about coronavirus. The most popular ones being – 


1-    China did it- China has been working on its secret project COVID-19 for a long time and has unleashed the virus on the planet to establish its global supremacy as they already have the cure. Unfortunately, the experiment has backfired and many of their own have died. They will release the cure after they have done the required damage to the world economy and benefit greatly from the profits.   

2-    US did it- The Chinese have claimed the virus was brought to their country via the US Embassy in Beijing. The US wanted to sabotage China’s economy as they would benefit greatly from it in their cold trade war with China. But it got spread way more than intended and has impacted the world. 

3-    Mother Earth is on her periods- I have this simple theory when it comes to the ‘Corona-sis’ we are in. In the last 500 years, we humans have overpopulated, manipulated, exploited and destroyed mother earth every day for our gain. And have not bothered to give her any affection back after taking so much from her. As any other mother would, it has time and again forgiven us. But this time Mother Earth has dawned the Chandi Roop (Fierce Angry Indian Goddess) and is retaliating. For all, it could be this is just nature’s way of self-cleansing, reshuffle, restart and do something humans won't. 


All I am worried about right now is that is this the beginning of something big? Have we pushed Mother Earth to its limit? Should we have listened to Greta? Has Mother Earth used the Thanos method of cleaning the universe where people are dying in Random selection so that the burden on the universe reduces? If we are lucky and our Mother Earth gives us a chance yet again without any major disaster that goes down in history.


We should take this as a warning sign. Treat mother nature with more love, respect, and care. Think about her happiness too. It should also be a sign for all those corporate running on a treadmill in greed to earn more money to slow down, take a deep breath and relax. Mother Earth needs a break too. 


But if we go on exploiting her this way, her fury will be unleashed upon us. As Dante beautifully concluded in the Divine Comedy “It has always been this way, death is followed by birth, to reach Paradise one must pass through Inferno.”

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Taniya Tikoo

Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder at ObserveNow. A Mountain girl using the power of words to change the world.

I dream to wake up to a world where I see a thriving Kashmir, a free Palestine and a Free Tibet 

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