Tinder’s ‘Shot at home’ ad is the newest addition to the millennial basket

When Tinder was launched in 2012, it created a revolution. By 2014, Tinder was registering about one billion ‘swipes’ per day. But that was 2012 & 2014, Now Tinder has got competition. With apps like Bumble, Hinge, Happn ameer many others, it’s a challenge for Tinder to keep up with the millennials.

According to the data released by Tinder recently, the conversations in India have shown an increase of 39%. The average length of the conversation is also 28% longer. Credits to social distancing, the virtual world is a new truth. 

To take us on a tour of this virtual world, Tinder recently launched a ‘shot at home’ ad film. Interesting to note that, the ad film was launched after Bumble released its ‘Virtual Dating’ feature.


The ‘Shot at home’ Tinder Ad is quirky and fun. It begins with a template saying ‘They said Stay at Home’, with visuals of empty roads and restaurants but soon turns into a fun virtual dates with fairy lights in the background. It has visuals of people introducing their pets to each other and playing video games. 

It also has a mention of the ‘Tinder Passport’ feature that was made free in April, the initial phase of lockdown in India. The feature allows us to change locations and interact with people beyond the usual ‘5-mile radius’.

The ad has got 1M views in 5 days on YouTube. It is the millennial way with makeup videos to online birthday wishes.

‘Together is epic’ Tinder ad says and Tinder is creating ways to do that virtually, if not physically during the lockdown. This is sure to attract people to Tinder. After all social distancing doesn't mean Staying Apart when you can Swipe Right and stay connected.

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