This country beat India’s record of planting 66 million trees in 12 hours

Ethiopia!! Yes Ethiopians have planted more than 350 million trees in a single day as a part of a campaign to fight deforestation and climate change. 


In addition to ordinary Ethiopians, various international organizations hatreesve also joined the tree planting spree which aims to overtake India’s 66 million planting record set in 2107. 


Getahun Mekuria, Ethiopia’s minister of innovation and technology, tweeted 353,633,660seedlings were planted in 12 hours on Monday.


Planting trees in Ethiopia is a part of the Prime Minister’s ambitious green Legacy Initiative launched in May this year. The initiative aims to plant four billion trees in the country by October this year.  So far 2.6 billion trees have been planted in almost all part of the East African nation. 


Ethiopia’s rapidly growing population, need for more farmland, unsustainable forest use and climate change are often cited as the cause of rapid deforestation in the country. 


At present, only 4 per cent of the country’s land is forested which is a sharp decline of 30 per cent from the early 19thcentury. 


It is not yet clear if Guinness World Record is mapping this mass tree plantation or not. But the PM has said that a specially developed software is helping with the count.  

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