Theories for the End of Earth: By Stephen Hawkings

Stephen Hawking- one of the greatest scientists to have lived after Albert Einstein has made several groundbreaking contributions to Physics and cosmology. Many of his works are being used today in various fields by scientists and physicists to make our day to day life easy. The legend also has given many theories that predict the future of this planet that we live on. 

ObserveNow brings to you the top 6 theories by Stephen Hawking which predict the future of the earth. 

1-  Multiverse Theory-Our universe was among the other million universes that were created with the Big Bang theory. Which confirms the existence of parallel universes. 

2-   Alien Invasion- According to Hawking’s the big bang of multiverses led to many creations of millions of habitable planets even in our own solar system. This means intelligent alien life will soon find us. And they either will destroy the earth for its resources or decide to use humans as lab rats for experiments. 

3-  The end of Earth-Hawking’s predicted that our universe will eventually fade into darkness as all-stars run out of energy. Thus, we need to relocate to other universes if we want to survive.

4-   Robo Apocalypse-He called AI the worst invention of mankind. “If we are not mindful of the power we give to our robots they will one day replace mankind.” 

5-  Fireball-The great scientist predicted that the earth will burst into flames in less than 600 years. Because by 3019 the earth will be hugely overpopulated and all the energy consumption, global warming will light up the planet on fire.

6-   Nuclear Holocaust-With increasing aggression among humans and the development of nuclear weapons of mass destruction. The day is not far when our rage will prompt a nuclear war leading mankind to perish.     

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