The story of Go Mechanic : India’s go to online car service centre

In India, car service has been a matter of worry for the owner. The authorized service centers usually are not cost-effective and the local ones compromise a lot on the quality.

To cope up with this, Amit Bhasin, Kushal Karwa, Nitin Rana, and Rishabh Karwa came up with the idea of GoMechanic, an easy car service choice for the users.


What is GoMechanic?

GoMechanic, an online platform where people can book affordable and quality servicing of their cars, was launched in April 2016. The start-up assists car owners to find repair and maintenance providers. In addition to that, it also partners with the service providers to train them and provide original spare parts.


Breakthrough and Fundings 

After the launch in 2016, the first breakthrough for the company came when they got a contract with Uber for 2,500 cars in Delhi-NCR.

In January 2019, GoMechanic raised $5mn (Rs 35 Cr) fundraising from Sequoia, an American venture capital firm. This investment has led to the rise of company value to Rs 316 Cr or $44 mn.


Initiatives and Future Prospects

During the nationwide lockdown, GoMechanic came up with their #OpenForHeroes initiative. Through this initiative, GoMechanic provides services to essential service vehicles like police vehicles, ambulance services, who book the order via GoMechanic. The start-up claims to check the nature of the vehicle and do the validation along with providing medical facilities like PPE kits to its workers.

With their centers in 12 cities, including Metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, GoMechanic is planning to expand to new cities like Indore and Jaipur.


With other automobile service providers like SparesHub, BookMyTime, Bumpers, its a challenge for the company founders to keep creating more the space in the market for their start-up.

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