The secret to succeed in digital journalism is your uniqueness: Experts discuss at Amity University

Amity School of Communication and Amity School of Film and Drama organized a two-day conference on Emerging Media paradigms on 9th and 10th Jan 2020. 

In the two day conference, the first plenary session was conducted on the first day on ‘Digital Shift in Journalism’. The guests for the discussion were: Mr. Akash Banerjee, Co-Founder NAB Digital Media, Mr. Satish Kr. Singh, Head- Digital, News 24, Mr. Milind Khandekar, Digital Editor, BBC India, Mr.Syed Nazakat, Editor-in-Chief, DataLeads, Ms. Shazia Ilmi, BJP Spokesperson and Mr. Sarunas Paunksnis, Kaunas University, Lithuania. The moderator for the session was Ms. Taniya Tikoo, co-founder and Editor-In-Chief, ObserveNow.

The discussion revolved around how journalism, reporting is changing with the advent of technology.  Questions were posed to the panelists on ‘How to maintain a balance between national interest and pubic interest’, how to combat fake news, how can we leverage the power of digital to provide error-free journalism, how to avoid digital mishaps and the changes in investigative journalism. 

On moving with it then there was a question put forward to Mr. Milind that 68% of Indians now consume news through digital mediums so, what according to him are the two new digital journalism trends that can rise in this decade, to which he replies that he is quite certain that quality will be improved in this digital age.

He also gave a very powerful quote that journalism is for “Speaking truth to the Power” while what today’s media is doing is “Speaking truth to the Opposition”.

The responses of all the participants bore a lot of similarity in terms of handling digital media carefully, thinking out of the box to compete in the world of digital journalism, and how it is a risky business if everyone becomes a media entrepreneur. All the panelists stressed on the fact that the secret to a successful journalism stint is accuracy, focus, and developing your own uniqueness.  

Ms. Taniya ended the session by a small activity named‘Never have I ever’ in which they were given different digital situation and they had to answer if they have done that digital cheat code or they hadn’t. 

Like they were asked whether they have filed a story on mobile phones anytime? To which Mr. Milind and Mr. Syed agreed and Mr. Akash said that whenever he has to do life and he doesn’t have his laptop so he does it with the help of mobile phone only. 

Since the session was on the digital age of journalism so the audience was asked to tweet their questions using #ASCOasks and not by raising their hands. Overall it was a thought-provoking, enlightening and fun-filled one-hour session. 

Author- Chitranshi Agarwal, Amity University. 


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