The Women who led India to the moon

The ignorance in the world exists but in bouts and as hurdles only. Once you lift yourself past them, you find a whole new world free of all that disgusts ordinarily. 

Gender bias a problem of the mediocre and something that doesn't find existence in the great undertakings of the country. 

That was what Ritu Karidhal realized when she at first dawned into the enthusiastic environment at ISRO after her childhood yearning of standing at this place. 

Born in a middle-class family in the city of Lucknow, with her parents being her supportive thrust in fulfilling her dreams. 

First fueling the historic Mangalyaan mission, to the second Chandrayaan mission to the moon with her as the mission director on board, this seemingly common family woman is a precious asset to her country. 

Chandrayaan-2, India’s second moon mission is seeking to explore the unchartered Lunar south pole. It's landing ensured by a rover was launched by the most powerful rocket GSLV-Mk0III-M1 from Sriharikota on Monday, a week after the lift-off was aborted due to a technical snag.

The mission is headed by Muthyya Vanitha, the project director along with Ritu Karidhal as the mission director making it the first project in ISRO to be directed by a woman. In a press conference, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chairman, K Sivan said that 30% of Chandrayaan-2 team are women, indicating the work ethics at such a prestige operating a place of the country. 

Ritu quotes, "There weren't too many women in ISRO when I joined, I agree. But I was never treated differently because of my gender. Within the scientist’s community here, the only thing that matters is how much work you put in and what is the quality of your work." 

Ritu entered her childhood dream in the year 1997, at a time when more and more women were choosing to balance career and household responsibilities. But with her aim-oriented mind and the constant support from her family, she succeeded at becoming one of the Rocket Women of the country 

Her perseverance, humility and her relentless support from her family are the reason that she stands at a place today as a deemed role model for other women.

She's a kind of women who believes in giving undivided attention to any task that she adheres to. That's how she returns home and blends into the mother, the wife and the daughter that she is, while at work which on some days becomes more stressful than the others, with her husband and children backing her up she manages to make her nation proud.

Early Life: While growing up Ritu, started following up with the activities of ISRO. She used collected newspaper cuttings staring all and every development of ISRO. That's when she gave direction to her dreams. She completed her graduation in Physics from the University of Lucknow and later on qualified the GATE to enter IIT Madras.

Her next stop into ISRO from there was a single leap from then and her life-changing event dawned when her offer letter came stating her acceptance into the Country's most responsible unit. She's been serving in the institute ever since and this year marks her 20 years in service.

ObserveNow wishes more power to these superwomen. 

Author- Nawsheen Muzamil, 23, Srinagar 

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