The IT industry can be doubled in the next 10 years: Founder IT By Design

IT consulting firm IT By Design is a New York based company that serves to provide of high-quality engineering talent, serving Information Technology Solutions Providers across the globe.


 IT By Design provides solutions that are made for MSPs and by an MSP.Founded by Sunny Kaila in 2003 the company has a stronghold over the US market and plans to spread its wings Pan India. 


ObserveNow spoke to the founder & CEO about the company, its plans in India and the kind of services market they see here by 2020. 

Edited Excerpts from his interview. 


1)Give our readers a basic idea of the trajectory of work your company IT By Design does?

IT By Design solves Talent challenges for IT Service Providers. Our Engineers bring not just technical smarts, but a working knowledge of what matters to running a successful and profitable Service Team. ITBD Teams improve KPIs, CSAT Scores, and stress levels for our customer’s Network, Security, and Helpdesk Operations. 

2) What are the innovations you are bringing in the technical hiring sector with your venture?

IT By Design offers a unique way for US based IT Service Providers to find the technical talent they need. In the US, there are more technical job-openings than job-seekers. This is recognized more so in the landscape of Managed Services Providers, an IT By Design offers unique employment opportunities to become a part of a worldwide Team. 

3)  How is the market for IT jobs in India at the moment? What is your prediction for 2020? 

In northern part of India, specifically Punjab or Chandigarh region, job market is small. Less IT infrastructure support for those companies which have their presences in Northern India. 

With 2020 being soon, the landscape will be similar next year as it is now. However, the IT Industry is forecast to have a very healthy growth rate and expected to be doubled in next 10 years. This growth will be enjoyed by both the Employers and the citizens of India 

4)  Talk to us about your expansion plans? 

 Our Team continues to recognize and plan for unparalleled growth. As mentioned, the US technology landscape for hiring companies is tough, and providing access to smart, dedicated, and understanding employees is something that is needed by IT providers. We’ve more than doubled our teams of Engineers the past two years, and 2019 is planned for the same. 

5) How far has US President's H1-B visa policy impacted technical hiring from India to the US?

 India’s software services industry, already facing pressures on profitability and revenue, will be forced to make fundamental changes in their business strategies. This will include hiring more 

American workers. While Indian employees usually deployed on client sites in the US may reduce, the opportunities will continually be made available in India. 

6) What is the biggest skill deficit Indian Engineering students are facing to meet the industry demands?

Technology is an ever-changing landscape and I recommend any Technologist today continue to refine the specialties they’ve begun to develop. Whether in the realms of support or development, a life-long student of technology will forever be able to define their own way. 

7) What solution do you propose for the same?

Our market and customers require certain understanding of technologies and processes. And as a company, we prepare our Teams for success with our Clients, and the companies they support. We offer a two-month training program dedicated to the challenges unique to the IT Service Provider, and provide skills that our Team will be able to leverage for many years to come. 


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