Tesla looks to hire new AI Engineers; prefers skills over Education

Tesla is going to hire Artificial Intelligence engineers who use AI to solve problems that affects people’s life majorly. This comes after TESLA CEO Elon Musk tweeted about the new hiring. He also stated that background in AI is not compulsory for the job, but skill set should be exceptional. The tweet by Musk was followed by a link to apply for the job, which redirects to tesla.com

In many tweets by Elon Musk, he has clearly mentioned that educational qualification is not what he looks at while hiring. The skill set and ability to solve problems easily should be there.

“There is no need even to have a college degree at all, or even a high school” Musk stated in an interview with the German Automotive Publication – Auto Build

The job includes developing and building FSD Chips, Dojo Chip, Dojo systems, Neutral Networks, Autonomy Algorithms, Code Foundations, Evaluation Infrastructure.

Not only this, the hired engineers will also work on the development of TESLA BOT which will be a next generation humanoid robot which would be able to perform activities that are unsafe, or repetitive.


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