Technologies that will change the world

Technology has become the water for fish in today’s era. Every organisation is marked successful on the basis of the technology they use. ObserveNow hereby brings you the list of top 5 technology trends that will change the world.



1) Edible water blobs

Plastic water bottles may soon become a thing of the past if they are replaced by edible water blobs called the Ooho!. Water bubbles come encased in an edible membrane made of a natural seaweed extract that decomposes if not consumed in 4 to 6 weeks. 



2) Helium balloons that travel to space

Enter Zero to infinity and World View Enterprises; two ambitious firms hoping to utilise pressurized capsules strung beneath helium balloons to take tourists into near space. And there’s a lot of money to mint here as balloons can stay longer in the stratosphere, offering increased amounts of views and experiences. While Zero to infinity will balloon you in their 'Bloons' for $124,000 at a time, World View would charge $75,000 for a one-round trip. 



3) 3D Printing

One of the most revolutionary initiations in the last decade, 3D printing brings us the potential to have our imaginations run wild. If that’s not paving the way for affordable houses. Andrey Rudenko, who was behind this awesome project, sees it only as a prequel to a full-fledged 3D printed home. 



4) Carpet Alarm Clock

An alarm clock that allows you to trample on it whenever it goes off. Not exactly trampling but firmly standing on the carpeted clock will do the trick. This pressure-sensitive invention eliminates the act of hitting snooze every time your very boring and very regular alarm clock goes off, deafening you in the process. 



5) Pod taxis

An invention closer to home, pod taxis will be India’s next big thing. This Rs 4,000 crore project will soon ferry people via ropeway connected driverless pods in Gurgaon. Futuristic and one of its kind, this public transport project will decongest the National Highway 8, a popular route for officer goers, by transporting passengers along a 12.3 km ropeway. 

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