Streaming Wars: The future of entertainment

While Disney gears up for the mega launch of its online streaming platform Disney plus on Nov 12. Data published by Jump shot (Data company which provides insights to uncover digital marketing strategies of any website including a path to purchases, revenues, traffic sources, etc.) suggests that more than a million customers in the US have already signed up for the service. 


Disney Plus Streamers 


Analysts suggest that they polled 1,000 consumers who said that they had heard of Disney plus already. In addition, 44 % said that they were likely to subscribe. With this figure, this would put Disney’s subscription numbers to 30 million by 2024. Disney also expects 60 to 90 million subscribers worldwide by that time. 

At the moment, the research numbers only show data limited to the US and only include mobile, web and desktop purchases during the pre-sales time from August to October. 


The firm found that 31 percent of Disney plus subscribers already stream at least one of the other OTT giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Studies by Jump shot has confirmed there is stronger consumer interest in Disney plus than other OTT’s available in the market. 


Content on Disney Plus 


This might have to do with the kind of content Disney plus will be providing. Which includes marvel studios, Nation Geographic, 20th century Fox, Hollywood Pictures. The service will also hold exclusive streaming rights to all 30 seasons of Simpsons. 


It is expected that Disney+ will have approximately 7,000 television episodes and 500 films. Original series based on Marvel properties and Star Wars are being produced, with the former including eight new Marvel Cinematic Universe spin-off series involving the characters of Falcon Loki,Scarlet which and VisionShe HulkMoon knightMs. Marvel. 


Device Support and Features


At launch, Disney+ will be available for streaming via web browsers on PCs, as well as apps on Apple I OS devices, Apple Tv, Android Tv, Chromecast, Roku, PS4 and Xbox one. 


Disney+ will allow seven user profiles per account, with the ability to stream on four devices concurrently and unlimited downloads for offline viewing. Content will be able to be streamed in resolutions up to 4K.


 It will be interesting to see how the streaming wars will pan out when the much anticipated Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max will make their debuts. 

Launch Rollout: 




Release Date

Monthly Price at release

Yearly Price at release

United States

November 12, 2019




November 12, 2019

CAD 8.99

CAD 89.99


November 12, 2019




November 19, 2019

AUD 8.99

AUD 89.99

New Zealand

November 19, 2019

NZD 9.99

NZD 99.99

United Kingdom

By March 2020



Western Europe

By March 2020



Latin America

By August 2020



Asia Pacific

By September 2021



Eastern Europe

By September 2021




(Table Source- Wikipedia)*

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