Politicians with impending criminal charges

With general elections soon to approach India will be e making a decision to affect millions of lives. ObserveNow wants to help the readers by giving you some back end information you did not know about the politicians you might vote for this time.   History suggests Indian politicians who have been charged with or convicted of serious misdeeds are three times as likely to win parliamentary elections as those who have not. 


The situation remains dire, we rejoice in the victory of the lesser of the two evils - we chose the common cold over cancer. And the figures that have been released since show that 143 MLAs, a whopping 59%, in the new Bihar assembly face criminal charges, and 96 MLAs face serious criminal charges including murder and kidnapping. But the malaise does not affect Bihar alone or a singular party, it is widespread - read on for more disappointment in our governing system. Here is a list of 10 politicians who have criminal cases/charges against them.


Shiela Dixit 

Member of Congress national party. The erstwhile CM of Delhi was investigated for allotting 3.5 crores of government funds form the Jawahar Lal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission for Rajiv Ratan Awas Yojana towards her political campaign. She was later accused of corruption regarding the 2010 Commonwealth Games.


Amit Shah 

Member of BJP. Amit Shah political career was damaged by his connection in the Sohrabuddin case - where a fake encounter was orchestrated by senior police officials at Amit Shah's command. Shah was the uncrowned " extortion king" of Gujarat; a racket that he probably ran for more than a decade with the help of senior police officers in the state. The charges against the minister are serious - murder, conspiracy to murder, extortion, criminal intimidation and destruction of evidence, among other things.


Uma Bharti 

Communal violence, Ram Janam Bhoomi. Member of the BJP. Bharti is a staunch supporter of the Ram Janam Bhoomi Movement and was a prominent face and name during the riot that resulted in the demolition of the Babri Masjid. She was indicted for inciting a mob to riot by The Liberhan Commission that investigated the incident


B.S Yeddyurappa 

Abuse of power, disproportionate assets. Member of BJP. Yeddyurappa was accused of using his official power and position to favour his sons and he sold them an acre of land in Bangalore for Rs. 40 lakhs which were then sold to a mining company for 40 crores. To defend himself the minister declared his assets which revealed more disproportionate assets.


Sharad Pawar 

Stamp paper scam, IPL exemption from tax, disproportionate assets. Member of Congress national party. Besides his close connection with high profile criminals, Pawar was a beneficiary in the Telgi stamp paper scam. He was also allegedly been involved in multi-crore scams that involved wheat imports and accused of colluding in the extreme hike in agricultural prices during his time as Minister of Agriculture.


Nitin Gadkari

Bribery, benami investments. Member of the BJP. Gadkari has been accused of accepting bribes from corporations like Mahalaxmi Infraprojects and Dhirendra Anant Bhat as he was one of the parties in the irrigation scam. He has also been sent a show cause notice for inducing voters to take bribes.


Madhu Koda 

Disproportionate assets, Madhu Koda Mining Scam. Member of Congress national party. He was sworn in as the fourth chief minister of Jharkhand from 2006 to 2008. And he also has the honorary place in the Madhu Koda Mining Scam which happened in his state. He used his powers while he was in power to sanction iron-ore and coal mining contracts to private businesses in turn for over Rs. 4000 crores.


Ashok Chavan 

Misuse of power, Adarsh Housing Scam. Member of Congress national party. The Adarsh Housing Society, a posh 31 storey building in Colaba was constructed for the welfare of war widows and personnel of India's Ministry of Defence. Using loopholes in the rules of land ownership the flats were allotted to politicians, bureaucrats, and military officers at below-market rates.


Suresh Kalmadi 

Conspiracy, forgery, misconduct. Member of Congress national party. Kalmadi was serving as the chairman of the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee when he was arrested in the Timing-Scoring-Result case. He was subsequently arrested for criminal conspiracy and cheating. During the investigation, he made a claim of dementia which was not proved.


Yogi Adityanath 

Faces charges of attempt to murder, criminal intimidation, and rioting with deadly weapons. Member of BJP. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, known for his hate speeches, has a plethora of cases against him. So many, in fact, that his government passed a law that withdrew cases against him. Some of the most serious ones are - attempt to murder, criminal intimidation, endangering life and rioting armed with deadly weapon.

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