PM's roadmap to a post COVID India

19th century belonged to The British, 20th to America, and the 21st century belongs to India. No one can take that away from India and to make sure of this, Modi Government is ready for its Self Reliant India mission.


Post Covid-19, the world will be a new place. We will have learned many things by then, the most important being Self Reliance or Aatm Nirbhata. PM Narendra Modi has said to all Indians in his speech before announcing lockdown 4.0. The details for which will be announced shortly. 


Economic package 

Yesterday, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation through a video message. The message mainly focused on how India is going to rise as Self Reliant India. In the 34 minute video, Modi explained the pillars of Self Reliant India and the road map to it. From Industrialists to the local shops, Modi talked about all and announced an economic package of 20 lakh crores for Aatm Nirbhar Abhiyaan. The economic package announced will be 10 percent of Indian GDP. 


Pillars of Self Reliant India –

In his speech, yesterday PM Modi has given India and Indians the roadmap for boosting its economy during the battle for COVID-19 and life in a post-COVID India.  The new superpower India will be based on the following pillars. 


1. Economy 

For Third World countries like India, post-Covid-19 era can be more difficult than the first world and second world countries, economically. Thus, the economy is the foremost pillar of Self Reliant India.

We are not going towards an Incremental change but quantum jump. In simpler terms, we are not looking forward to a small adjustment but a significant and a major change in our economy.

2. Infrastructure 

In the past few years, India, as a country has seen a positive change in its global representation. Under the Self-Reliant India mission, Indian infrastructure should be a symbol of our changed representation. It should be a symbol of the new world, Modern India.

3. System 

The system is extremely important for how a country works. In Modi’s Self Reliant India, our system has to be free from the policies of previous centuries and look forward to a system that is Technology Driven and fulfills the dream of the 21st Century.

4. Demography 

India is not only the world’s largest democracy but it also one of the most vibrant demographics. This vibrant demography is our strongest point. Our demography is a Source of Energy for Self Reliant India.

5. Demand

Modi’s 5th pillar is the Demand and Supply chain. For Demand to be created and fulfilled, every stakeholder of the chain has to be strong. This is how the growth of Demand and Supply chain will be strengthened.


In his message, Modi talked about how Kutch bounced back after the 2001 earthquake, giving Indians the hope to rise stronger post-Covid-19. Modi Government has been trying to change the market in India through Make in India and Khadi marketing. Modi’s mission to make India self-reliant have brought back hope for the Indians along with the announcement of economic package. It will be interesting to witness how the road map takes us to the destination of Aatm Nirbhar Bharat. 


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