Over 10,000 Women are Suing Google Over Gender Pay Disparity

The case goes back to 2017 when several women working at Google had filed a lawsuit against the company on unequal pay. A Californian court has now granted the case ‘A Class Action Law Suit’ status which means women can now sue the company as a class rather than individuals. 


This is deemed a big win for the 4 bold women who stepped up to the company’s gender-biased policies in 2017 and filed the lawsuit.


This lawsuit is now applicable to over 10,800 women who have worked in the company since 2013 and held various positions. 


These ladies are seeking more than $600 mn in damages from the tech giant led by Indian origin CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai. The lawsuit against Google alleges that the company has violated the California Equal Pay Act by paying them less than their male counterparts, promoting them slowly and less frequently. Female workers at Google earn almost $16,800 less than the "similarly situated man,"


Google has denied the allegations in a carefully worded 'Repetitive' PR statement. 


Google however is not the only Silicon Valley tech giant to have been accused of unfair practices towards women. A week ago five female employees working at Amazon also filed a lawsuit over unequal pay, harassment, discrimination, and racism.


 Amazon has refuted the claim saying they have not found any evidence supporting the allegations by the female employees.



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