Our vision is to build into the world’s largest sales-tech enablement organisation: CEO Denave India & APAC

Founded in 1999, over 20 years ago Denave began with a goal to bridge the gap between sales strategy and final implementation. With their deep understanding of sales domain, the company has now crossed revenue of over 5 billion dollars. And has spread across varied industries like technology, E-commerce, FMCG etc.


ObserveNow got in touch with the Sunil Munshi, India APAC CEO of Denave in order to understand what makes Denave the future of the workplace, how well the company takes care of its employees and their plans for 2022. 


Edited Excerpts from his interview: 


1.  Can you take us through your journey from Zonal head of Godrej Infotech to the CEO of Denave?


I started my career in 1991 with stints in consumer durables and office automation focusing on manufacturing & sales & service operations.  I joined Godrej group in 1995 and went on to head the north zone for Godrej Infotech, being responsible for leading business acquisitions and implementation in terms of ERP and software solution offerings and team deployment and development in the zone. 


Thereafter, I joined a Telecom giant with business in optical fibre based broadband solution catering to both enterprise and residential customers. I started my stint at its Gurgaon centre as an independent profit centre head leading customer services, sales network and service operations. This stint gave me extensive exposure to handling entire West India market, and eventually taking over the entire sales responsibility for Pan-India. For some time, I was also with Reliance communications handling the enterprise business in the north and thereafter I joined Sparsh BPO of Intelenet group of companies. There I was responsible for business development function, managing products and services, contact centre solutions, data analytics and handling strategic initiatives while exploring new market opportunities.


I joined Denave in 2011 leading the Business Development unit. The role later got expanded to include entire India sales operations, client servicing, business expansion and strategizing business acquisitions. I took over as CEO India in 2016 and now also lead APAC business. Backed by vast exposure in handling Direct, Channel, Corporate & Enterprise and Retail Sales Operations I am actively involved in conducting market research & proposing consumer insight to drive strategic business initiatives.


2.  What are the transitions you have bought in Denave in 8 years?


Denave has the legacy strength in managing IT & ITes verticals. Over the years, the business has been increasing footprints in vertical expansion, disrupting Retail, Telecom, Oil & Gas, eCommerce and BFSI sectors and enriching our clientele to include top seven of the world’s top technology Fortune 200 companies globally. 


Making inroads in these unchartered territories required robust tech interventions leveraging Automation, BI & Analytics, AI-enabled bots, ‘whitespace discovery’ model, Machine Learning based algorithms (ML) etc to contextualise and drive innovation in our service offerings.


3.  What are the employment policies that you have put in place to promote a healthy work environment?


‘One team – one vision’ is the underlining thought behind all our people related policies. Integrity, transparency and ethical work practices are the supporting pillars that we adhere to promote a healthy work environment. Every HR intervention undertaken at Denave revolves around the organization’s vision in complete alignment with people’s career aspirations embodied in Denave’ s Career Philosophy: 

E - Empower employees

N - Nurture the talent

A - Align aspirations

B - Build talent

L - Leverage competencies

E - Enhance the business impact

Our people engagement philosophy covers in-depth aspects of talent development, talent involvement & cultural transformation across the levels. The role assumes a significant level of criticality with Denave being the hub of 20+ different cultures with 30+ multi-lingual capability. Since India is the head office hence we take due diligence in formalizing policies/processes that must cater to local sentiments and sensitivities.


4.  In one of the media interviews, your Global CEO had said that Denave will become a $150 to 200 million company by 2022. How have you lined up your company missions to achieve this objective? What are the future plans? 


Our vision is to build Denave into the world’s largest sales-tech enablement organisation influencing sales across the world – fostering it on the culture of progressive innovation, successfully driven by People, Process and Technology. Some of the key steps that we are taking into realizing this goal are:


·     Expanding our Sales Enablement services portfolio to include Digital Marketing as a service and Sales Tech platforms as intelligent point solutions reducing the time taken from purchase to deployment, across the globe. 

·     Transforming sales-tech focus into the robust engine –We have already started doing it. Piloted by providing Denave’s in-house sales tech platform to one of the world’s largest tech companies as well as Oil & Gas company. The next two years’ aim is to penetrate the Tier 2 and Tier 3 customer segment across the markets we are present in.

·      Most importantly, we continue to strongly focus on managing our existing business relationships via consistent transformation supported through innovation and sustainable disruptions – enabling our customers to be relevant and in sync with evolving industry demands.

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