ObserveNow Startup Stories: A Vegan solution to all your hair and nail problems

In our quest to introduce you to disruptive startups. Today we bring to you a vegan, gelatin-free FDA approved health supplement startup Power Gummies. Founded by serial entrepreneur Divij Bajaj utilizes nano-molecular technology with a vegan base to create delicious, fast-acting gummies, that maintain signature soft textures. In less than a year have already sold 10,00,000+ gummies and want to expand their footprint in tier 1, 2 markets in India. ObserveNow spoke to Divij in a bid to understand his vision, mission, and plans for disruption in the healthcare and aesthetic nutrition segment. 


Edited excerpts from his interview: 

Q1- Tell us about Power Gummies and its products? 

 Based in Delhi, Power Gummiesare an amalgamation of Biotin, Folic acid and 10 essential vitamins- a panacea for all hair and nail problems. These are 100% vegetarian nutrition gummies with a 33% loyal customer rate  which offers holistic nail and hair growth. Great taste with zero synthetic preservatives, no gluten, no gelatin, and no artificial color helps rejuvenate and replenish our body by stabilizing the internal equilibrium. The product is gender-neutral and helps restore and maintain acme heath conditions for nails and hair. 


Q- How did you come to realize there is a need for such a product in the Indian market? 

While looking for barriers in OTC (Over the counter) health supplement market, I realized that the biggest barrier in this industry is “fear of medicine” since all health supplements come in pill format with medicinal packaging- consumers would confuse them with medicines that are to be eaten only when they fall ill or develop certain deficiency.

The fear of allopathic medicine was always there, but now it's more aggravated than ever because of the shortcoming of the modern lifestyle, the stress and unhealthy foods habits eventually take a toll on health and eventually cause short/long term ailments. But prevention is better than cure. So I decided why not make a product which not only vanishes the anxiety pertaining to pills but also be in attractive packaging- easy to chew and tasty.

 Q2- What kind of market do you see for such a niche product in India for 2020? 

-      We see high demand as people are getting aware now on the importance of vitamins and proper nutrition in their life.

-      Health supplement and nutraceutical space is expected to grow 6X overall 

-      People now prefer quality products and don't mind paying for it.


Q3- What sort of response have you received so far, and what has been the feedback?

 The response has been phenomenal. Assessing the skepticism consumers have to long term allopathic medicine, we decided to curb that anxiety with alternative sources of nutrition.

 We were not able to match up the demand; currently, we are selling above 80 million INR every month. We have robust brand following which can be seen through our Instagram page, which has more than 200k followers.


Q4- Tell us 2 CEOs that you look up to and why? 

 Viraj Bahl, CEO Veeba- I admire not only the way he derived Veeba the s nation’s top brand in its segment from scratch but also his humbleness.

 Vikas Bagaria, CEO Pee safe- His will to create an all-new market segment and leading it rock solid is inspiring.


Q5- What is your plan for 2020?

Power Gummies aims to play with consumer psychology and eradicate the misconception of treating health supplements as “medicine” and requiring a doctor's permission to have it, this “fear of having medicines” is the biggest barrier of Over-the-Counter Market. Breaking the stereotype of pills, which are difficult to gulp and overcome the of having medicine. 

Power Gummies in a span of barely a year plus have already sold 10,00,000+ gummies and want to expand their footprint in tier 1, 2 markets in India.

 Talking about the big picture, we plan to launch 2 more variants soon. With the recent funding received from DSG Consumer Partners, we are proactively putting efforts to integrate disruptive technology in our operations, priority would be developing an artificial Intelligence-based health expert Chabot, which not only guides and provides personalized solutions to their ailments but also addresses their queries and anxieties live by providing expert advice immediately.

 Q- Where can we buy power gummies? 

FDA approved, Power Gummies supplements are 100% vegetarian and completely gelatine-free are available across the globe on major e-commerce platforms from the likes of Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Netmeds, Healthkart. 

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