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Founded by Amar Choudhary, an IIM A alumni, Chakhna Shot is a healthy snacking brand. In a campaign to target upcoming and emerging startups in 2020.  ObserveNow speaks to Amar to understand his company, his journey and his inspiration for his start-up. 

Edited excerpts from his interview: 

Q- Tell us about your startup Chakhna Short and how did you conceive the idea for it? 

Chakhna Shot has the vision to become a value-based global youth brand. We are committed to bring innovation and offer a perfect blend of health and taste in contemporary snacking space. Chakhna Shot was launched a year back as we identified that majority of brands that are currently available in the snack segment are either healthy snacks which are trading-off taste & trend or are traditional snacks trading-off health parameters. We are trying to create a perfect blend of health, trend & taste.

Q- What are the top 3 struggles of startup founders? 

 1-Understanding the consumer market -The biggest challenge was to gauge the trend of consumer behavior for a new snack brand against the established domestic and international players. Zeroing in on the product-market fit and understanding customer expectation was the key to frame the go-to-market strategy and positioning of the brand, which played a key role in the right brand message. 

 2-    Talent attraction and retention-Another challenge that we faced (and still continue to face) is to attract talent. The need for workforce that we have is slightly different from tech-based start-ups. Our employees should be ready to work in a challenging market and should look forward to running hard yards. Fortunately, we now have a great set of youngsters who are ready to rock the world! We fondly call them the "mini-shots".

3-    3-Running Capital- Finally, just like any other start-up, we faced funding shortage to scale our operations and for working capital. Thanks to friends and family for chipping in to bootstrap our company, the founder still own almost 100% of the company. We are now looking for an investment round such that we can cater to the demand of our growing customer base, and to launch new products in the market under the Chakhna umbrella. 

 Q- Briefly take us through your companies journey?

 Chakhna started operating in Oct-2018. We are registered in Gurgaon with a sales office in Delhi. Haryana’s good policy framework to support food & agri-startup is the reason to get it registered in Gurgaon. Another reason to base Chakhna in Delhi-NCR is that during our initial research, we found that the youth of Delhi-NCR is the most welcoming to give a new brand a chance to succeed. We have sampled our products in the USA, Saudi Arabia, Nepal & Bangkok too and got very encouraging first-hand responses to the products.

 Q- How do you envision 2020 for startups in India? ? 

 We believe that the Indian startup market is now mature enough to welcome non-tech startups, which have the vision to innovate. 2020, in our view, would be an innovation year in the conventional sector such as food, FMCG, retail, hospitality & travel. 

 Q-  Tell us about 2 startup CEO's you look up to and why? 

 I personally admire Liaoyuan Zhang (Founder and CEO at Three Squirrels- A Chinese Success Story) due to his strategy to crack the millennial target and innovation on the product front. 

 Q- Who are your major clients? 

From a humble beginning, we are now present in several cities across India. Renowned clients like Vendiman, Instago, WH Smith, Reliance e comm. (On boarded), Ripplr, Grubox, Snaxsmart, Azgo and many corporate clients along with traditional distributors are our existing B2B clients.

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