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Lub Lub Lebanese is a Mediterranean QSR chain serving delicious and healthy Lebanese and Mediterranean food. It was started by 5 friends in 2015 Nitin Kapoor,Kumar, Saurabh,  Kumar Gaurav, Sumit Arora,  Masterchef fame Ashish Singh. 

In a campaign to target upcoming and emerging startups in 2020.  ObserveNow speaks to Nitin to understand his company, his journey and his inspiration for his start-up. 

Edited excerpts from his interview: 



Q- Talk to us about your startup Lub Lub Lebanese? 


Lub Lub Lebanese was started with the promise of offering delicious, fresh, and healthy shawarma with its variants for the people who believe in eating fresh and healthy as well as fulfilling the customizable dining experience and served in the fastest time as possible while ensuring the quality is not compromised.


Q- How did all the founders from such different walks of life come together for a food startup?


Since childhood, we always wanted to open up an F&B Brand and this thought process got shape when one of our friends, Chef Ashish, got selected in Masterchef and became household figure during that season.


Q- Why Lebanese only, what is your USP?


We realized that there is a dearth of alternatives that serve healthy and fresh food in the Indian market and there are few cuisines that actually serve guilt-free food as Lebanese cuisine is considered one of the healthiest cuisines around the world, it became our first choice. Our USP is our products as all ingredients are made in house. We call ourselves “King of Shawarmas” and have already sold over millions of Shawarmas.


Q-What are your expansion plans for 2020?


We are now planning to enter the Delhi market and eventually covering entire Delhi in 2020.


Q- How difficult is it in today's time to venture into the Food industry with big players like Swiggy, Zomato and Uber Eats as competition?


The business has changed entirely in the last one and a half years especially with consolidators acquiring major market share as well as with people preferring Delivery Options more than dine-in, Netflix and other OTP medium has also a major role to play in keeping people at home. 


It has become difficult to venture today in Food Industry especially for medium-sized restaurants where most of the sales are now driven by the Delivery business and commission of consolidators as well as rentals are taking a fair share of the business, leaving very little margins with the restaurateurs to work with. As currently, we as an industry are going through a transition which eventually will settle with time, my suggestion to all the new entrants would be to focus on the core product and all maths are done right before starting any venture in F&B.


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