Need for Good Acoustics in Canteens/Cafeterias

Students often look forward to their break-time in school because of various reasons. Firstly, as they can meet their friends across various grades and chat over their favorite cartoon/movie episodes and also to fill their tummies with some amazing food.

Break time also acts like beating the monotony for them. As they are other times much involved in academic learning.

The same is the case with the teachers. In their break time, they too require rejuvenating experience.

Studies have also shown that to savor food completely & for better digestion, one’s five senses must be completely present while having food, namely:

1)    Sight

2)    Smell

3)    Touch

4)    Taste

5)    Sound

Notably, Sound also is a very important sense while savoring a meal to the fullest. From the sound of breaking a bread to chewing, swallowing etc. contributes to this sense. These may be also termed as natural sounds while eating. The problem arises when the natural sounds are suppressed by the unnatural sounds, which is, in turn, the noise created in the room by poor acoustic treatment.

The underlying question still remains- Are students & teachers really able to get the best out of this break time?

In most cases, the answer sadly remains No. The reason being canteens/cafeterias have high sound-pressure levels. The major factors that contribute to the noise are:

-       large no of students talking with each other

-       Cutlery/tiffin/table/chair noise

-       Fan/AC noise etc

As far as it goes, one may have very less control over the factors that contribute to the noise. But surely the environment can be altered in a way that will reduce the sound pressure level. Most of the time canteen spaces are not prioritized in having good acoustics. Whereas it is one such space that needs to be really thought well off when it comes to acoustics.

The solution is not that complex - Install complete wall-to-wall high absorbing Class A acoustic ceilings and cladding at least 20% of the floor area with acoustic wall panels on any of the nearest wall surfacesif feasible. Class A sound-absorbing systems will absorb about 90% of sound that would hit on the material, thereby ensuring reduced echo and noise.

The results of which will be:

-       Lower stress levels teachers/students

-       Higher productivity

-       Enjoying the meal without high background noise



There is less weightage provided to acoustics, currently in the Indian market. In most cases, stakeholders aren't aware that there is a solution to the problem of noise and it isn’t too complicated either. While auditoriums, classrooms and other areas have their own importance, the canteen/ cafeteria spaces cannot be neglected for sure!

Thus, Ecophon has been trying to reach as many stakeholders to spread the good message of acoustics. The high NRC acoustic solutions by Ecophon can easily transform a noisy room into a calmer one. 

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Authored by-Harshal Kolwankar ,Edu. Concept Developer Ecophon(India)

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