NASA astronauts Bob Bhenken and Doug Hurley who made history

The launch of SpaceX and Nasa's Crew Dragon spacecraft into earth's orbit has paved way for a new era of space exploration for humankind. SpaceX has now become the first private company to launch a spacecraft. And in the future, it aims to commercialize space travel. Launching Rob and Dug into space was the first step towards that. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has long been on a mission to commercialize space, create a base on the Moon, and colonize Mars. Meet NASA astronauts that made history. 

Robert Behnken and Douglas Herly, have been associated with NASA since the year 2000. And now have become the first two astronauts to ride up to the ISS( International Space Station) in SpaceX 's Falcon 9 in a private-government partnership. 

Behnken went to the orbit for the first time in 2008 and has served as chief of the space station operations at the Kennedy Space Center. In 2010, he flew on Endeavour again for another mission.

Herley has been to space in 2009 and also served as lead astronaut support personnel for shuttle missions STS-107 and STS-121. 

Robert Behnken will be serving the role of joint operations commander and Douglas Herley

will serve as a spacecraft commander for the SpaceX mission.

They have been updating enthusiasts with the news of SpaceX’s dragon vehicle on Twitter. Rocket Falcon 9 has safely landed back on earth and Bob and Dug have reached the ISS in their spacecraft Crew Dragon. They will be at the station for 119 days before they make their journey back to mother earth. 


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