Meet the startup which aims to disrupt the health and wellness sector: Pure Nutrition

With a vision to build a healthier, happier planet and reduce diseases caused by improper nutrition. Sushil Khaitan CEO and Co-Founder of Pure Nutrition has ventured in this space.They have recently launched their store on T2 Mumbai international airport.

In an exclusive interview with ObserveNow, he talks about his line of products, his expansion plans, and strategies to capture the wellness and health market segment in India. 


Edited Excerpts from his interview. 


Q- Tell us about your product line at Pure Nutrition? 

Pure Nutrition specializes in nutraceuticals made purely from plant-based supplements that have higher bioactivity levels to ensure better absorption in the human body. We want to revolutionize India’s perspective on wellness, by making good quality products that are inspired by ancient Indian medicine and backed by modern scientific methods of testing and trial. Our aim is to cut through the current marketplace which is full of placebo products and introduce some really good quality ‘nutraceuticals’. Pure Nutrition has successfully formulated and rolled out products within multiple categories. Currently, we have over 70 SKUs spanning across vitamins, supplements, proteins, functional foods, artisan tea, and cold pressed oils.


Q- There are quite a few such brands in the market already. What is the innovation you have done with Pure Nutrition? 

It is an exciting time for all of us in the nutraceutical business as urban Indians have increasingly become more health-conscious. Our biggest differentiator is that we create good quality and highly bioavailable nutraceuticals that are easily absorbed by the body to resolve the existing nutritional deficiencies in a person. Bioavailability refers to the rate at which the body absorbs nutrients. This precise focus on creating extraordinary, bio-active formulations has also been a huge driver for Pure Nutrition as far as customer retentions are concerned. Our growing range of products within this segment is a testimony to that. All our formulations are designed to cater to different conditions/nutrition requirements of the human body. 


Q- What is your reach and presence in India at present?

At present India’s market is just 2% of the global nutraceutical market, but we have a huge untapped population. Currently, we have a retail presence in multiple Tier 1 cities to meet the demand of consumers from those markets. In the past, urban India, or more precisely the metros, were the only markets for nutraceutical sales, but owing to rise in awareness, consumption patterns have shown a dramatic shift, with a steady increase in demand from Tier II and Tier III cities. Apart from conventional distribution channels, we are looking forward to expanding our reach by strengthening our presence online with our website and through e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. 


Q- You are going to venture into the FMCG sector now? What is the product line up for that? 

If we go by the numbers, dietary supplements have seen a great uptake owing to the steady rise of nutrition deficiencies among the working population. Our raw, organic, cold-pressed coconut oil is another hot seller. We are also seeing a great uptake of our range of functional foods - because of the abundant market demand for products rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin D etc. 

From the product range expansion side, we plan on launching our own range of whey protein-rich FMCG consumables that include granola mixes, on-the-go snack bars, jams, cookies, nut butter etc.


Q- How would you define the health and wellness industry in India at present?

The health and wellness industry is focused on improving everyday health and state of well- being. We are conditioned to be biased towards clinical and remedial treatment versus preventive care and overall maintenance of our health. Availability of wellness and health services like diagnostic tests or chronic disease management, fitness, nutritional services and consultations delivered at home, ensure that staying fit and healthy is made easy with preventive care. We look forward to bring about a revolution in the wellness industry. For this, we are working towards raising the standard of products manufactured, making good quality products that are inspired by ancient Ayurveda and backed by modern scientific methods of testing and trial.


Q- What are the biggest challenges to establish a business in Wellness in India?

Lack of awareness is a serious problem all nutraceutical players face within the health and wellness market in India. With rapid digitization, internet penetration and campaigns on awareness, consumers are able to bridge the gap and understand the place of nutraceuticals in their day to day life. The other challenge was in regards to the distribution margin. Buyers often ask for margins that are more than the norm, going as high as 50 percent which reduces the profit. Lastly, the severe unhealthy competition in the market brought about by new brands being launched frequently. These brands compromise on product quality and formulations, to keep the profit margins high, questioning the legitimacy of the products. 

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