Meet the early age start ups that made it to Sequoia's Surge list this time

This year in January venture capital firm Sequoia Capital launched its accelerator programme- Surge. The programme selected 17 early age startups from India and South East Asia. There were a total of 1,570 applications out of which 17 incredible ones made the cut. As a part of the programme, Surge will invest 1.5 million in each of the company. Along with Surge, about a dozen seed fund investors are joining the rounds. Which make the investments to be a total of 36 million across 17 startups. 

ObserveNow brings to you the 17 startups who made it to the Surge list. 


1-Azani Sport- 

Founder- Siddharth Suchde

Company USP- DTC performance sportswear

Launched- November 2017


2- Bobobox-

Founders- Indra Gunawan & Antonius Bong

Company USP- First Indonesian Capsule Hotel 

Launched- 2018 


Founders- Sachin Bhatia, Atit Jain and Sichen 

Company USP- Selling and buying products in live interactive engagement 

Launched- 2018 

4-Dancing Mind- 

Founder- Jennifer Zhang 

Company USP- Remote Therapy solutions for Stroke, dementia and Parkinson 

Launched- 2018 


Founders- Tanushri Nagori and Aditya Shankar 

Company USP- Learning app with user interfaces in multiple local languages. 

Launched- 2017 


Founders-Abhinav Prakash, Devvarat Meena, Ankit Abhishek, Parth Pratik, and Shukant Agrawal. 

Company USP- A global community of travel enthusiasts, known as Flynote Fellows, who travel and experience the world on the company’s sponsorship.

Launched- 2018.

7-Hippo Video- 

Founders- Karthi Mariappan, Nilam Chand Jain, and Srinivasan Krishnan

Company USPNext-gen video marketing SaaS platform that helps marketers create, edit, and personalise video content on a mass scale. Analyse responses and convert more viewers into customers.

Launched- 2018 


8-InterviewBit Academy- 

Founders- Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena

Company USPOffers computer science education via live online classes to prepare students for jobs in leading technology companies.

Launched- 2018.


Founders- Ravish Naresh, Jaideep Poonia, Dhanesh Kumar, and Ashish Sonone

Company USPMulti-language mobile application for small and medium businesses to record cash transactions and track payments.

 Launched- 2018


Founder- Harshet Lunani 

Company USP- An Insurtech company that works with insurers to offer innovative insurance products for new use cases like flight delays, phone screen damages, e-commerce logistics etc. 

Launched- 2018 

11- Shop Up- 

Founders- Afeef Zubaer Zaman, Siffat Sarwar, and Ataur Rahim Chowdhury

Company USP- Social commerce platform that helps micro-entrepreneurs in Bangladesh set up and run their businesses on Facebook. 

Launched- 2016

12- Skillmatics- 

Founder- Hvanil Sheth

Company USPD2C brand that develops innovative educational products and games that enable children to build core skills ranging from math and language to science and logic through systematic play. 

Launched- 2017 

13- Teilo-

Founder- SyPhong Bui 

Company USP- Building Vietnam’s largest B2B commerce company using the power of tech and data. 

Launched- 2018

14- Uiza 

Founders- Kevin Nguyen and Gareth Nguyen

Company USPAPI platform for video streaming that enables developers and companies to stream videos directly from their own app in a fast and cost-effective manner through a set of simple APIs. 


15- Vybes- 

Founders- Wei Qing Jen and Samuel Lipo

Company USP- Using a proprietary AI engine, Vybes matches influencers with brands, and provides them with a wide array of products and online tools to enable sales to their large follower base. 

Launched- 2019 

16- Zenyum- 

Founder- Julian Artope and Frederik Krass

Company USP- A fast-growing dental care brand providing high quality 3D-printed invisible braces to consumers.

Launched- 2018

17- The 17th and final Surge 01 startup, which operates in the fintech space and is focused on the US market, is currently in stealth mode.

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