Meet India’s best Ethical Hacker

Rohit Kumar is considered one of the best ethical hacker in India. He was included into the Facebook Hall of Fame for the top 20 bug bounty hunters with the most reports in 2018.

He  received a direct invite from Zach Turk, the security program manager at Facebook(US) to join BountyCon. Over the years , Rohit has earned several awards from the likes of Facebook, Imgur, Invision and Shopify.   

Kumar says, “I am glad to be invited from BountyCon 2019 and look forward to sharing my learnings with other security researchers .”

Kumar, the Indian student had been invited to the unique gathering ,that is BountyCon 2019 organised by Google and Facebook on March 30th .

BountyCon 2019 is one of the most grand security conferences that  took place in Asia-Pacific this year to let the top white hat hackers and bug bounty hunters across the world to share their tips on cyber security.

Kumar is a student of School of Computer Application at Lovely Professional University. He is a second year BCA honors student.  

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